World Transformation: Atlantis in Southern Spain?
 Atlantis in Southern Spain?
picture 8 Jun 2004 @ 17:27, by ming

According to BBC, some scientists believe they've found Atlantis in southern Spain.
Dr Rainer Kuehne thinks the "island" of Atlantis simply referred to a region of the southern Spanish coast destroyed by a flood between 800 BC and 500 BC.

The research has been reported as an ongoing project in the online edition of the journal Antiquity.

We have in the photos concentric rings just as Plato described
Dr Rainer Kuehne, University of Wuppertal
Satellite photos of a salt marsh region known as Marisma de Hinojos near the city of Cadiz show two rectangular structures in the mud and parts of concentric rings that may once have surrounded them.

"Plato wrote of an island of five stades (925m) diameter that was surrounded by several circular structures - concentric rings - some consisting of Earth and the others of water. We have in the photos concentric rings just as Plato described," Dr Kuehne told BBC News Online.
That sounds a little thin. And, of course, other scientists think they've found Atlantis off of Cyprus. So we might have to wait until some actual excavations take place in those places.

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