World Transformation: Utopia or Oblivion
 Utopia or Oblivion
picture 9 Jun 2004 @ 03:11, by ming

From Synergic Earth News: Robley E. George writes: It has been suggested, one way or another by literally billions, that humanity desperately needs a new, future-oriented political economy capable of rapidly reducing or resolving an increasing number of serious, interrelated societal problems plaguing the planet -- caused in large measure, many assert, by presently existing political economies. It has further been emphatically suggested, again by billions, that every society on the planet needs and must soon realize a significantly deepened and more meaningful democracy -- an inclusive democracy manifesting in the socioeconomic realm. Politicosocioeconomic system design, practiced one way or another for thousands of years, can be made public, explicit, transparent and, perhaps most importantly, democratic. ... This article outlines the essential features and properties of Socioeconomic Democracy, which is a model socioeconomic subsystem in which there is some form of Universal Guaranteed Personal Income as well as some form of Maximum Allowable Personal Wealth, with both the lower bound on personal material poverty and the upper bound on personal material wealth set and adjusted democratically by all society. It begins by individually examining each of these two bounds, ie, Universal Guaranteed Income and Maximum Allowalble Wealth. Following is a rapid review of both qualitative and quantitative democracy. Here, we note the elemental public choice theory result that allows society to democratically decide the amount of these two bounds (median value of participants' preference distribution). The many possible theoretical variations of Socioeconomic Democracy are next indicated. Anthropological, philosophical, psychological, religious and human rights justifications for some form of Socioeconomic Democracy are then sketched. ... The article then considers economic incentive and self-interest in, and practical political approximations to, such a democratic system. System feasibility and implementation are next examined. Finally, some of the myriad simultaneously beneficial ramifications of the theoretical system are outlined. (03/05/04)

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