World Transformation: Why Good Things Happen to Bad People
 Why Good Things Happen to Bad People
12 Jun 2004 @ 18:36, by ming

From Synergic Earth News: John Brand writes: Let me define my terms. By "good things" I do not mean ideals valued among the noblest of human principles. Included among such majestic goals would be the dispensation of justice based on equity, the rightful distribution of goods, the pursuit of philosophy, the arts, and the profoundly spiritual. By "good things," in this column, I imply what our materialistic society values most highly: conspicuous consumption, tax evasion by the super rich, awarding non-competitive government contracts, golden parachutes, obscene stock options, off-shore companies, accounting finesses, and sundry other such exploitive gambits. In short, by "good things" I mean the advantage the favorite few exercise over the masses. By "bad people" I do not mean those caught "in flagrante delicto" in extracurricular, sexual adventures. Heavens to Betsy, even a larger number of priests, ministers, rabbis, and imams than we are wont to admit would have to be called bad by that standard. "Bad people," in this column, are folks who pontificate about petty, moralistic issues but are quite willing to eliminate the protection of the "Bill of Rights" for all those with whom they have serious disagreements. Bad people are those who crow about democracy but disregard and even undermine the constitutional balance of powers. "Bad people" manipulate the system to satiate their rapacious appetites. They are folks amassing large bank accounts by devious means. They hold powerful, judicial positions based on passing a litmus test. They exert tremendous political influence flaunting any sense of social responsibility. How does it happen that the above listed good things accrue to such bad folks? To put it briefly, the spin masters have been able to make three lies sound virtuous and cause the virtuous to sound evil. (03/08/04)

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