Positive Reframing

A facilitator ought to be very fluent in positive reframes. You should be able to come up with a generally positive way of seeing just about anything.

Below you will find a sample list of positive reframe statements.

Note that these are not statements you directly say as judgments or authoritative declarations. It is new ways of seeing things that you might show people. The only time you might say these directly like this is kind of as a summary, when the client already has experiential background for it and basically already agrees. Otherwise they have to be wrapped up as questions or neutral possibilities. "Did you ever realize that ...", "Hm, maybe it is just .." An effective reframe is usually presented as a "maybe" that the person feels like going along with at the time. It is not effective if it is anything to argue about, anything that she puts up defenses against. It has to be delivered with a very high degree of rapport.

It could be worse.
It is a challenge, not a problem.
It is a growth experience.
It only happens to really special people.
You will have some great stories to tell about that.
It is just a small part of something much bigger and more important.
Some people would pay for experiencing that.
It is a magnificent thing just to be alive.
The glass is half full, not half empty.
You will be a lot more able after having resolved this.
It is an ability, not a limitation.
Imagine what you would be missing if it were any different.
It is all communication.
It is all learning.
Everything always comes out alright in the end.
It is part of a global spiritual evolution phenomenon.
Love resolves anything.
It is useful in a different context.
Somebody else would respond differently.
That it comes up is a sign of positive change.
It changes faster if you can enjoy it.
Everything happens for a (good) reason.
Part of you knows what is going on.
Any part of you is basically good.
Life is about having fun and learning.
Your external situation shows you something about yourself.
You don't need anything else, your intuition will guide you.
The universe will help you, if you will let it.
You have everything you need right here and now.
You always get what you ask for.
Wow, that is just great!
There must be a really important lesson in this.
What is, IS. It could only be bad if we compare it to something else.
You are taking part in the planet's growth process.
It happened exactly as you created it.
It sure isn't boring.

These are all general reframes. A specific reframing of the situation at hand might often be more useful. That is often what we do with our techniques. We work on the particularly stuff and we get it to mean something else.

The general reframes here are more like attitudes that will apply to just about anything. Like, if you assume that everything in life is a learning experience, then it doesn't really matter what comes up. The negative effect of any event will be lessened by re-affirming that indeed this is a learning experience. It means that one is going to learn something new, that is great! The bigger the problem, the bigger the learning will be.


- Memorize and/or Practice these until you can have a positive reframe ready for anything.

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