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Do you desire improvement in your life? Improvement starts in the mind. If you can change your mind, you can change your life.

The only person who can change your mind is YOU. No change will take place unless you allow it. However, you might need some help in finding out HOW to change your mind and your life.

Your mind is such a powerful tool that whatever you keep in it will affect your whole experience of life. If you believe that there is nothing you can do about anything, then you are quite right. But, if you believe that you've got unlimited potential available to you, then you are probably even more right.

Some of the things you might wish to change are:

There are many types of personal change work that can help you improve your life. There are things you can do by yourself, and there are things you might need a mental or spiritual practitioner to help you with. A great many avenues and techniques are available for you.


Personal change happens through a journey of discovery. You need to find out more about yourself; how you do things, how you have been limiting your options, how you have created your current situation for yourself. Along the way you will find out a lot more about life and about how you can be in charge of your own. And you will find that you already have a lot of positive resources available to you.

The only pre-requisite for starting this journey of discovery is that you are willing to learn. If you realize that there is something there to learn, then you can learn it. If you realize that there are things you have not yet understood about yourself and about life, then you can understand them. What you will learn might be unexpected and surprising, but that is the nature of discovery.

Be suspicious when someone would tell you that they know all the answers and that there is only one fixed way of achieving personal development. What you need is YOUR way, the answers that are needed are YOUR answers, and your path will become clear only as you are discovering it.


The mind contains many wrong answers. To be more precise, no answer is fully "wrong", but it might be used out of context without awareness of where it belongs. Any emotional response can be useful in some situations, and NOT useful in many other situation.

Clearing is the process of realizing and rejecting the wrong answers one has used. These wrong answers aren't just thrown away, but they are returned to the time, place and context where they properly belong.

For example, you might have had a problem with getting angry inappropriately. You might through some process of discovery realize that the anger really belonged with a specific incident 30 years ago. That would allow you to clear your undesirable response now.

Clearing the wrong answer is very easy once you discover what it is really about. If it is currently not easy, it is because you haven't yet discovered everything about it. There is something more to learn. Sometimes you might think that you know what is "wrong" with you, but it doesn't resolve it. It just means that there is more work to do.

The truth of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with you. But, you might have incorrectly identified with answers that are currently wrong for you. Straightening that out can make you much more yourself.

Clearing your mind puts things in their right place and it brings a greatly increased emotional and mental clarity. Life can become much more simple and comfortable.


To function in life we all depend on a whole lot of mental programs. These programs are the sub-conscious patterns that determine how we think and respond to situations. It is HOW you do things.

Most programs are hidden. For example, when you talk you don't have full awareness of your choice of words and the grammatical sentence construction. You probably just feel like saying something, and the sentences somehow come out allright.

Sometimes your programs don't work in the most useful way for you. Sometimes you don't have an appropriate program for what you want to do. That is when we might want to change the programming of your mind.

Programming is the process of establishing useful ways of HOW to do things. That might involve the discovery of how you already do things, the construction of more powerful methods, and the re-training of your sub-conscious.

Your mind is basically a set of tools that can help you to get more out of life. You can increase your abilities and your enjoyment by sharpening the tools you have and by adding more tools. That can help you to deal with life in a more resourceful manner.

Permanent personal change doesn't have much to do with conscious intellectualizing. To BE different you need to feel and respond different, not just talk differently. Therefore it is very important to engage your sub-conscious mind in any desired change that you wish to make.


Personal change can be pursued systematically by engaging in various processes.

A process is a distinct activity that addresses an existing situation and gradually changes it into something else. It basically means that we will work on an issue in a systematic manner.

Processing is the ongoing activity of working on areas where change is desired. Many different techniques might be applied. Typically a technique will be chosen that fits the situation at hand and it will be used until you get a noticable result from it. Processing is not just random attempts to figure something out, it is the skilled resolution of issues.

In a typical processing session, the practitioner will ask you, the client, questions and will ask you to do specific things. The questions will be intended to help you discover more about yourself. The directions will be intended to help you to experience things differently, and to develop your personal resources.

Processing is not doing something TO you. It is simply an educational vehicle to help you change your own way of being for the better. It takes your cooperation to do. With the help of a skilled practitioner YOU can make magical changes in your life.

The different techniques of discovery, clearing and programming that we do come from a number of different sources and disciplines. As an overall heading we can call it all Semantic Processing. Semantics is the study of meaning, the underlying mental and spiritual structures that life is based on. Semantic Processing is therefore a fancy way of saying that we work on understanding your life better, and supplying you with a mind that does what you want it to do.


You aren't just a body or a mind. You are much more. By working on yourself you can gradually discover your own true nature and unleash the tremendous potentials within you. By clearing away the barriers of the mind you can become much more of what you really are.

Underneath the appearances there isn't truly anything wrong with you. You will find that you already have the resources you need. You might have forgotten how to use them, so it might take some re-discovery to become the complete and whole person you really are.

Any change that you can imagine is possible. The changes you can't imagine will also become possible, as long as you are willing to develop and learn.

Life can be wonderous and fascinating. You can expand your awareness, your understanding, and your abilities. Limitation can change into freedom, weakness can change into power, drudgery can turn into joy. All you need to do to start is to realize that it is possible.

Flemming Funch

is certified as a Master Clearing Practitioner, a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

He has 20 years of experience in counseling and has helped hundreds of people change their lives.

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