Psychic home doctor series

Psychic First Aid:
beginning your spiritual healing whilst in crisis
(or a techniques for a spiritual being to heal their life)

by Muriel Chen

First Published
November 1994

'Living Beyond'
South Australia

ISBN 0 646 21271 0
Set No 0 646 21270 2

Thank you

Christine Brovcenko
    --for being the pathfinder

Mark Jones and Lazaris
    --for love and inspiration

Dora Rigano
    --who uses my techniques and who
    suggested that I write this book


Malcolm Day
    --who edited, printed and distributed
    the first edition in 1994


This is a book of psychic first aid. It allows you to handle a crisis yourself whilst waiting for professional healing or assistance.

It is a collection of successful techniques that I have used for myself, and for others who needed immediate help. I have found them useful as first aid outside of formal counseling sessions: in social situations and even over the phone.

This book is not intended to take the place of physical first aid in handling bodily injury. However, it can greatly improve the effectiveness of physical techniques.

Muriel Chen


The author has been an active student and practitioner in the field of metaphysics and spiritual improvement for over thirty years. She has developed certain attitudes and beliefs through this time that empower her current practice.

We create or allow our reality. We create or allow all of it--the major events, crises and successes of life, all their consequences, even the tiniest details of daily existence.

We do this through our conscious, subconscious and unconscious beliefs, thoughts and feelings, attitudes, choices and decisions.

What we desire, imagine and expect manifests this consciousness.

Learning to consciously choose and manifest, and thus creating all our reality knowingly, is one of the most essential purposes of human life.

Throughout life we are programmed with beliefs which limit our ability to create the realities which we would choose. These beliefs persist until they are recognized and changed to bring about the experiences which we desire.

The ability to assist others to find and change unwanted limiting beliefs is one of the professional skills of the practitioners listed at the back of the book.

The ability to freely feel and experience the emotions which are part of living, is a necessary part of the healing process.

Many of the following first aid suggestions stress strongly feeling the emotions, negative and positive. Many of the exercises are designed to allow the flow of emotions which are appropriate for healing and growth.

Malcolm Day


A wide range of situations for which you may remedy with psychic first aid are in listed below in alphabetical order.

If your exact problem is not listed, look for one that is similar. The handling steps for each listed situation can be used for other situations that are similar.

At the end you will find a general process for handling any unwanted, limiting belief. As these unwanted beliefs are exactly the locks and bars that keep us in spiritual bondage, beings who have extensively and determinedly used this process, either solo, or assisted by a trusted associate, have attained remarkable states of spiritual clarity.

You can always write to me to share your successes with these processes. If there are situations that are not mentioned and you would like them to be part of the next edition tell me. If you would like to write another book in the series contact me.

Muriel 1996