with Lucas Firewalker

December 7th, 1996
Madre Grande, 18372 Hwy 94, Dulzura, California

Wow, what an experience!! Too much to put into words, really. And the pictures only capture part of it. We broke 3/4 inch boards with our bare hands, bent 1/2 inch steel bars with the soft part of our throats, and walked with bare feet across 1200 degree burning coals.

What one walks away with from an experience like this is that, whatever "it" is ...

I can do it!!

Gunter and Gigi
Lucas Firewalker
Lucas lights the fire
Zachery gets psyched up for his first board
Yes!! He did it!
Zachery tries a second board
Max and Lucas working on bending rebar
Flemming and Norvell. There's nothing quite like bending a steel bar with the soft part of your esophagous
Flemming gets off his first walk across burning coals
Zachery getting ready to walk. It is actually only on the picture this stuff is grey. It was really bright orange!
and he did
Breakfast next morning

Lucas Firewalker: (619) 433-7262 or (619) 989-1532

Madre Grande is a monastery on top of a mountain close to the Mexican border, on old native american holy ground. An extremely peaceful place. We walked under a sky full of the millions of stars of the Milky Way, with no smog or city lights to blur them.