Flemming Funch's Resume

E-mail: ffunch@worldtrans.org
Voicemail: +1-877-904-1479
Phone: +33-5 61 44 22 64
Weblog: ming.tv

Flemming Funch is a multifaceted data processing professional specializing in leading edge Internet development, dynamic websites, human communication and collaboration, client-server database systems, server administration, and applications in health and medical fields.

Flemming has designed and managed several long term software development projects, has administered an assortment of servers, networks and dataprocessing departments, has designed a number of dynamic websites, and is a well-known proponent of electronic community on the Internet.

He is strongly interested in human collaboration, in creating a better future for all of us, in personal growth, and in all technologies that leverage human creativity and allow us to live better, more easily. Flemming is born in Denmark, lived in Los Angeles for 18 years, and is now telecommuting from Southern France.


Mutually beneficial contract relationships and partnerships. I'm not very likely to be interested in regular 9-5 onsite employment.

Creative and challenging software projects, preferably cutting-edge Internet related, or webserver administration and automation projects. Web2.0, Collaboration, Self-Organization, Knowledge Management and Web Services would be some good keywords. Preference for projects that involve communication with all stake holders, and the opportunity to see a project through its whole life cycle. Preference for projects that involve creativity and independent, self-motivated work.

Expected Compensation

Hourly: $60-80

Monthly: My preferred arrangement is to agree on a monthly amount that is big enough that I will pay ample attention to our project, and small enough that you can focus on our results, long-term, rather than on what I did during which hour. E.g. if you want me to help you out once in a while with servers or with programming problems, $1K might do it. If you have a small number of servers you'd like me to administer, $2K might do it. If you have ongoing software development needs, it would need to be more than that.

Full Time: I don't really do that, unless it harmonizes with the rest of my life. But in case there is a very exciting project that requires most of my time, I can be an unstoppable workaholic, but I'd expect to see $100-150,000/year.

Per Project: I don't do programming from specs from scratch for a price defined in advance. That usually doesn't work well for any of the parties. I do have some existing modules that I might configure for your use, and we might be able to put a price on that. E.g. website portal, weblog, bulletin board, article management, chat room, calendar, member area, and more.

Programming Skills and Experience:


Historically: Fortran, Algol, Basic, Pascal, C, xBase, 1-2-3 Macros, SQL, Perl, HTML, Python, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, XML, Shell Scripting

Willing to do: PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, AppleScript

Operating Systems:

Historically: MPE, C/P-M, MS-DOS, Windows, MacOS, System/370, VMS, Unix, Irix, Linux, Windows NT, PalmOS

Willing to work with: Linux, Mac OSX

Database Systems:

Historically: dBase, FoxPro, Clipper, Oracle, SQLserver, Postgres95, mSQL, mySQL

Willing to work with: MySQL, Postgres




Historically: HP minicomputers, IBM 370 mainframes, Digital VAX minicomputers, Z-80 micros, IBM compatibles, Amiga, Apple Macs, Cisco routers, switches and firewalls

Will work with: PCs, Macs, routers, handhelds

Server Administration:

Historically: Slackware, Debian, Red Hat Linux, Digital Unix, BSD Unix, Windows NT, MS Mail and Exchange, Apache webservers, SendMail, Qmail, CommuniGate, Database servers, Zope

Willing to work with: Linux, Unix, OSX


  • Learned to program in 1975, while in highschool. Fortran on a HP 3000 Series II with teletype terminal and punch tape
  • Owned my first computer in 1982, a Swedish ABC-80. The year later: the original IBM PC.
  • Has been online in one form or another continuously since 1983 (using DataPak and a 300 baud modem)
  • Developed websites and managed Internet servers since 1994

Major Experience:

  • Database systems for corporate networks and for websites
  • Health and Insurance applications, analysis, claims processing
  • Project specification, design and supervision.
  • Online programming of interactive environment in PHP and Perl
  • Unix/Linux server administration

Supervisory Skills and Experience

  • Extensive experience interfacing with top management, accommodating strategic requirements, making briefings and presentations.
  • Excellent relations with end users. Eliciting and accommodating their needs, training, problem solving, instruction manuals, general communication.
  • Overseeing the full life-cycle of software projects, from the recognition of a need, through specification and planning, prototyping, implementation, testing, and routine use.
  • Coordination and supervision of a team of programmers/analysts. Writing specs, setting up coding standards, delegating project components, coordinating schedules.
  • Supervising a data processing department with support staff, operators, data entry clerks, 24 hour operation, multiple sites, backup routines, etc.
  • Well-developed skills in coordinating and motivating large heterogeneous groups. Understanding diversity, developing common ground, handling conflicts, diplomacy, inviting voluntary cooperation, managing chaos.

Major Work Experience

  • 2005- : SoundChilds: Membership, MLM downlines, Payment Interface.
  • 2005- : CraftTV: Community website, membership, organization of local groups, payment processing
  • 2005- : Union of International Associations: server administration for NGO
  • 2005 : Opentopia: Portal with webcams, open directory and wikipedia clone
  • 2005 : Journster: RSS feed aggregator
  • 2004- : S'Amuser: Intranet for franchise operation
  • 2001- : CyberJourney: Developed online web design tool, Merlin's Studio. E-commerce, conferencing software, weblogs, bulletin boards, contact management and more. PHP/MySQL/Linux
  • 2000-2004 : Web Entertainment Group: Wrote opt-in newsletter adminstration and mailing system, and managed its operation on 150+ Linux servers, handling on the average 30 million e-mail messages per day.
  • 1999-2001: CyberFirm: Developed server administration application for the intranet of an ISP. Administering servers. Wrote automated domain management system. PHP/MySQL/Linux
  • 1999: AIS America: Developing dynamic elements, ad banner systems and security on website with 1 million visitors per day.
  • 1998-1999: eVanta, LLC. Managing Partner. Designing dynamic websites and database integration for company specializing in celebrity community websites. Projects for IDG and Jane Seymour. Server Administration, NT, IIS, SQLserver, CommunityWare. Custom modifications of CommunityWare platform.
  • 1998-2000 : Multimedia Metafantasies, LLC. Developed online movie location database and casting agent actor search database. PHP/mysql/Linux.
  • 1998: WebQuest, Inc. Server Administrator. Administering high-volume web servers. 1 million hits/day, 3-400 domains. CGI programming, shell programming, Digital Unix, Apache. Credit card processing, DNS automation, intranet.
  • 1997- : Synchronicity Networks, Inc. President. Running a Internet hosting, development and virtual collaboration company. Slackware and Red Hat Linux servers, Apache web servers. NT servers, Apache, Xitami & Website Pro web servers. InterMix community software. CGI programming, mySQL database interface. Clients: Oasis TV, PlanetView TV, Wellness Center, Metafantasies, Global Ideas Bank, Lionel TV, etc.
  • 1997-98 : UCLA. Contractor. Developing websites and administering servers on a contract basis. "Women in Science" website for Math & Science departments. SGI Irix, Apache. Network administration for Johnson Cancer Research Center. NT, IIS, Exchange.
  • 1997: Global Solutions Nexus. Director of a non-profit community center and Internet service center. Event organization, web hosting, virtual communities.
  • 1996-1999 : Oasis TV. Webmaster and Internet Coordinator for a cable TV network. Linux, Apache, shopping carts, bulletin boards. Designed and implemented portal website and integrated content management database.
  • 1995- : New Civilization Network. Founder and coordinator of a non-profit idealistic, humanitarian organization and virtual community with 7000+ members. Management, motivation, event organization, writing custom virtual community software. Bulletin boards, chat rooms, mailing lists, member web sites. Writing, speaking engagements, radio appearances, etc.
  • 1992-97: One Lambda, Inc. System Analyst. Designing analysis programs for organ tissue typing, and ordering systems. Web design. Network management. Clipper, FoxPro. LanManager, NT and Novell network administration. Linux web server.
  • 1990-92: The Clearing Institute. Communication consultant and personal growth facilitator. Wrote several books on personal growth, translated to Russian and German.
  • 1987-1991: Galactic Computing, Inc. Running a computer consulting business. Wrote ordering systems, inventory, telemarketing, healthcare, taught classes and more.
  • 1986-1991: Benefit Panel Services. Benefit Panel Services. System Designer. Designed insurance claims processing system, handling 1 million claims per year. Managed a staff of 10 programmers and other MIS personnel. Took company through a whole life cycle from no automation to a full DP department and 100 data entry stations and multiple networked locations. Reported to chairman of the board.
  • 1990: Family Health Plans. Designed a managed health care monitoring system on contract using Clipper on networked PCs.
  • 1985-1987: California Primary Physicians. Director of MIS Research and Development. Designing computer models for managed healthcare, using Lotus and dBase and C. Network management, Novell, Corvus, 3Com. Managed DP department with medical record system running on Digital VAX/VMS.
  • 1983-1985: Schilling Office Systems. Teaching classes in computer accounting systems and PC applications. Sales. Training service technicians
  • 1980-1985: Funch Cleaning Systems. Proprietor of a janitorial service company with 12 employees.



  • Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
  • Computer Science, Kennedy Western University


  • Master Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Able Toastmaster

Flemming Funch
6 rue Pedro Gailhard, 31100 Toulouse, France
05 61 44 22 64

"The things to do are the things that need doing - that YOU see need to be done, and that noone else seems to see need to be done."
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