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Crop Circle Report - June/July 1996

From: Lyssa Royal Holt
Date: 15 July 1996

Hello everyone. Forgive the form letter via email, but I've promised many of you the report from our crop circle tour and here it is. It's kind of dry to appeal to the scientist in some of you, while giving enough juice for the metaphysicians out there. ALOT happened, some of which was not connected to the crop circles directly, which revolved around our visit to the sacred sites. A more personal detailing might follow, if I have time. Very significant things happened, especially at Stonehenge...(and quite amazingly, a logrhythmic/fibonacci spiral formation appeared about 2 days after our amazing experience there). Anyway, your comments are welcome!

Lyssa Royal Holt

The Crop Circles of England

Report of Experiences
June 29 - July 5, 1996
Marlboro, Wiltshire, England
Report by Lyssa Royal Holt

During June 29 - July 5 Lyssa Royal Holt, Shari Adamiak, Busty Taylor and Ronald Holt took a group to Wiltshire to investigate the crop circle formations just beginning to appear for the 1996 season. Our team was able to conduct night time contact initiatives and field work inside the formation at Alton Barnes East Field (known as the "DNA Helix" formation), as well as conduct research during daylight hours in the DNA Helix formation and another brand new formation we unofficially referred to as "the Snail". Below is a synopsis of the group experiences, written by Lyssa Royal Holt. For the sake of brevity, many events of high synchronicity and of an intuitive nature have been omitted.

(Note: For any of you online, find the site called CROP CIRCLE CONNECTOR for graphics and photos of these formations.)


JUNE 30, 1996

Gaining permission from farmer Tim Carsens, our team proceeded into the DNA Helix formation (young barley) at Alton Barnes East Field at approximately 11:15pm, the night of the Blue Moon (second full moon of June). We secured a research location within the fifth circle of the main "spine" from the south entrance. The team set up the gear and we proceeded with standard CSETI protocol.

During the time period of approximately 11:50-11:58pm, Shari used the walkie talkie to project the "crop circle tone" tape used by CSETI (recorded by Colin Andrews) in our fieldwork. The philosophy behind this action is to project a sound recorded in a previous crop circle as a signal to the circlemakers that we recognize their sounds and are making an attempt to return communication. While projecting this tone and simultaneously sending out telepathic greetings, we received a return signal through the walkie talkie at precisely the timing of the culmination of the Blue Moon.

The signal we received was highly anomalous in that it was received during the time Shari had the transmit button depressed, thus making the walkie unable to receive transmissions. The return signal sounded like a highly compressed electronic signal which temporarily overrode (in decibel) the sounds of the crop circle tape that we were transmitting. This signal was audible to those team members closest to the walkie talkie: Shari, Lyssa, Ron, Bill.

After several minutes of excitement and evaluation, the team sent out more telepathic signals as well as continued playing the crop circle tone tape through the walkie talkie in the hopes that the transmission would be repeated. This time, Bill and Lyssa had field recorders turned on to try to capture the transmissions. As expected, the transmission repeated itself, only this time while the walkie was in receiving mode. Bill, who was closest to the signal, was able to capture the sound on his field recorder. However, upon evaluation it was found that the sound level was so low that further analysis would be impossible.

Subjective experiences were quite unanimous. The group felt a high level of cohesion, psychic receptivity, and high degree of energy within this formation. There was also a general consensus that the group was being watched or communicated with on levels beyond the physical.

POST EVENT: Upon returning back to the hotel after fieldwork, Bill attempted to enter his room and found that the key which would let him into the locked outer doors of the hotel had been inexplicably bent at a 90-degree angle. Since the whole team had gone to bed, he had to find a policeman in the small town of Marlboro to assist him. It took two policemen and a hammer to fix his key enough for him to enter the hotel. Since the key was hidden safely in his camera bag (which was not sat upon or opened during the whole event), we believe that this event occurred due to the nature of the energy inside the crop circle.

JULY 1, 1996

Crop Circle researcher Ron Russell (Center for Crop Circle Studies, Midwest USA network) arrived today from the USA. His first visit was to the DNA Helix formation. During his visit he reports that he heard very distinct electronic pulsing sounds, which he captured on his video camera's audio recorder. He reported this to Shari, Lyssa, and Ron (Holt) during lunch time, not having known about the group's experience with electronic sounds the previous evening. Ron Russell recorded these sounds with his video camera and played them for our group later that day. The sounds, in my opinion, sounded like a slower version of the sounds our group received through the walkie talkies the night before. He claims that after his visit to this formation, his jet lag vanished.

JULY 3, 1996

This was our first morning free. Tour leaders Lyssa, Shari, Ron, and Busty either slept in or attended to personal business. At breakfast this day 7 group members spontaneously decided to return to the DNA Helix formation to have a look around. Without further planning, they departed. As the group entered the formation, they scattered from one end of the 600+ foot formation to the other. With no warning, the group suddenly heard a sound 30-45 seconds in duration which was as loud as a car horn. Bill described it as this: "If a Hollywood producer wanted to make a movie about a UFO, this is the sound he would use." He claims this sound was accompanied by shimmering in the sky. The sound was heard by 7 of our group members, plus one other independent witness who was present in the formation. The group then came together and decided to unify their energies in the hopes that the sound would repeat. Shortly thereafter, it repeated, again approximately 30-45 seconds in duration. Surprisingly, not one person had carried a recording device into the formation, which was unusual. The group later returned to the hotel in a high level of excitement, some saying that it was the most profound experience they had ever had.

EVENING: Our group returned to the DNA Helix formation for night time contact initiative field work. Upon arriving at the formation, we were dismayed to find that the formation had been tampered with. Large circles and haphazard paths had appeared at the north end of the formation and the barley was trampled. As Busty investigated it was his opinion that the "addition" to the formation was man made. One group member dowsed the addition and found no anomalous energy as is found in true crop circles. As we settled down for field work amidst the disappointment, three males approached us. Busty talked with them and they claimed to be from Newcastle, and drove down to view the formation (in the dark???). Having had our field work disrupted twice, we ended our research endeavor that evening.

Note: A few days prior to this, news of the formation spread via the local news which showed aerial photos of the formation. This caused visitors to come in droves and the formation quickly became worn and trampled.

JULY 4, 1996

Ron, Bill, and Alicia hired a plane and flew over the DNA Helix and Snail formations. Their report was that the Helix formation had been badly trampled and the man made additions had ruined the pristine nature of the original design.


Later information gathered revealed that this formation (and others of the past as well) is positioned along the St. Michael ley line. For anyone studying ley line research, this is significant. Ley lines are key areas on the Earth where the mass consciousness can be accessed most easily. If this is so, then any formation (perhaps encoded with information) placed on one of these ley lines could most possibly be a insertion into the mass consciousness of either energy or information relevant to Earth and/or extraterrestrials/circlemakers. Being that this formation highly resembles a DNA Helix formation, the implications of its message are astounding, if not confounding!


JUNE 30, 1996

An Italian couple that our group met at the hotel came into the dining room with great excitement, telling us of a new formation they found near Milk Hill at Alton Barnes. They said hardly anyone had been inside and claimed that while they were inside, the circle continued its formation. They claimed that on their way out (1/2 hour after entering) they found obvious new additions to the formation which were not viewed when they entered.

JULY 1, 1996

Our group went into the Snail formation at Milk Hill with threat of heavy rain. The crop was young wheat, a very healthy green color. As we walked on the tram lines to the body of the formation, we were astounded to see a series of small circles, approximately 1-2 feet in diameter, formed just to the right of the tram lines. These circles had their stalks very obviously twisted, entwined, and interwoven with each other. The nodes were swollen, and all the signs were present that it was not a hoax. The beauty of this formation was awesome, mostly because it hadn't been entered by very many people and the floors of the circles were still green.

Ron Holt, (who was previously an archaeologist), used his skills as an archaeological mapper to make a rough map of the formation. We didn't have much time in the formation as it was beginning to rain and the vehicle was a long distance away. The sketch made however was quite accurate as he found later when flying over the formation. (A graphic of this formation is available online in the CROP CIRCLE CONNECTOR site). As we were departing the site, an unmarked military helicopter approached, flew over the site, and hovered approximately 50 feet over Lyssa's head. (That was interesting! We waved. They waved back.)


We weren't able to spend much time in this site, but the contrast between this formation and the DNA Helix formation was drastic. The DNA formation was very precise and sharp. This formation had many arcs and the rotations of the crop changed in several circles, with the crop sometimes rotating in two directions within one circle. It's general "artistic value" seemed less precise in comparison to the DNA Helix. Please note that I am using these terms "DNA Helix" and "The Snail" as unofficial labels our team used for convenience. This formation was accompanied by many "baby circles" 1-2 feet in diameter which were pristine and breathtaking to examine because of their precision. I would have liked to return to this site but we were pressed for time. The feeling in this site was one of great peace and stillness for me as opposed to a more hyperenergetic feeling in the DNA Helix formation.

**This is just a short synopsis of our team's experiences during this tour and cannot in any way capture the scope of our entire experience. Visiting the crop circles is an treat that is not to missed for anyone who has even the most remote interest. After truly seeing a "real" crop circle, it becomes obvious how these genuine circles cannot be hoaxed. The Doug & Dave story just doesn't hold water!!

--Lyssa Royal Holt, July 15, 1996