Crop Circle Report Addendum

From: Lyssa Royal Holt
Date: 21 July 1996

Hello again. The following is an addendum to the crop circle report that I sent to you a few days ago. As you can see, the experience in England is still affecting my thoughts and enthusiasm regarding the crop circle phenomenon. It is truly an amazing enigma. Those of you with newsletters or online services, feel free to upload it into your files if you wish, for distribution. Your feedback is always welcome.

Overall Significance of Latest Formations

Shortly after our group left Stonehenge, a place where we had very personal and powerful experiences, we received word that a new formation had occurred near the Stonehenge site. Upon seeing a graphic of this formation, I could hardly contain my excitement because my theories about the significance of certain crop circles and their locations were beginning to verify themselves.

Ley lines have long been known as places of power. Britain has two main ley lines (named the St. Michael and St. Mary lines) running through the country and dissecting major sacred sites and churches (such as at Avebury and Glastonbury). Ley lines connect to the electromagnetic grid of the Earth, which can be likened to the meridians of the human body. These ley lines can be accessed to heal or "program" the planet much like the human meridians can be used to heal or restructure the body. So far in our limited understanding of ley lines and their power, we haven't been able to totally access them for visible and powerful changes in our world.

During our visit to the DNA Helix formation at Alton Barnes, I was struck with the power of the site. Something was nagging at my consciousness, just below the surface. The formation itself had the sense of containing a profound message. Just the visual symmetry and grace of the formation alone gave the impression of some urgent message being given to the people of our planet, or to the planet herself.

Shortly before we left England I was told that the DNA Helix formation runs right along the St. Michael ley line. That was the missing piece of the puzzle! If it is true that ley lines are access points into the world grid (and possibly the mass consciousness itself) then a message of profound significance for mankind was just given in a barley field at Alton Barnes. But, what is that message? Perhaps our conscious minds may never know.

During our visit to Stonehenge, one of the co-leaders of our tour and well known crop circle researcher and photographer Busty Taylor did some dowsing experiments. Previous to this we were exploring the theory that Stonehenge is the hub of a wheel and ley lines run from that site to sacred sites all over the Earth. Busty, using his dowsing rods, proved that this is so, while being totally unaware of our theory. He found that there were lines of energy emanating from the center of Stonehenge outward in all directions.

Three days after our visit to Stonehenge, a new formation occurred just outside of the megalithic site. When I saw a graphic of the formation, many of the pieces of the puzzle clicked into place. The formation looks like either a logrhythmic or fibonacci spiral. (It is difficult to tell which it is; a fibonacci spiral has a finite beginning point whereas a logrhythmic spiral has neither a beginning nor an end.) This formation possibly has more significance than we can comprehend with our conscious minds at this time.

According to information presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek in his popular Flower of Life workshops, on the Giza plateau approximately one mile east of the Great Pyramid, there is a brick-lined hole in the desert floor which is quite deep. This spot supposedly marks the beginning point in our dimension of a logrhythmic spiral of energy which encompasses the major sacred sites of our planet as it unwinds.

If it is true that Stonehenge is one of the Earth's most powerful sacred sites (along the lines of the Great Pyramid), then a logrhythmic spiral just appeared a short distance away from this site which is nearly identical to the situation in Egypt, only this spiral is visible for all to see. Is this a coincidence, or are we being deliberately given a message or an encoding of energy directly into the grids once again? Since Stonehenge is a short distance away and since there are so many lines of energy emerging from that site, it is a pretty good guess that this new formation lies on one of those lines just like the DNA Helix formation at Alton Barnes lies on the St. Michael line.

Do crop circle formations occur in correlation to the thoughts of researchers and/or the mass consciousness of Earth itself? All indications are that this is so, at least part of the time. Researcher Busty Taylor said that his thoughts seemed inexplicably connected to the formations, and he has been researching them since the mid-1980s. CSETI researchers (and others) have projected certain symbols telepathically to the circlemakers only to have those very formations appear days later. And recently, myself, CSETI's Shari Adamiak, and Phoenix research team member Wayne Peterson have been obsessed with somehow incorporating the fibonacci mathematical sequence into our fieldwork, hoping that in England we would receive a response from the circlemakers. That response possibly came, a few days after our visit to Stonehenge, with a possible fibonacci (or logrhythmic) spiral appearing in a place where it cannot be ignored. Is that just a giant coincidence? If so, these coincidences are becoming themselves anomalies!

After visiting England's crop circle formations one thing became crystal clear. We humans don't yet have the capacity to consciously understand the significance of these formations or the messages encoded within them. Perhaps we may never know. However, bit by bit, we are being given pieces of the puzzle if we will only listen to the subtle coincidences and be willing to explore the "improbable" or "outrageous" ideas which may actually lead us to the road of understanding.

The crop circle formations, to this day, remain one of the most mysterious and profound enigmas of contemporary Earth. But I suspect the hidden messages in these formations is as old as the universe itself and will, eventually, lead us back to ourselves.

-- Lyssa Royal Holt