Contact and the Power Struggle

Staying Centered Among the Chaos
Sasha through Lyssa Royal Holt

We would like to begin by discussing some things that may be of concern to some of you. When the "powers that be" who are attempting to control the ET situation in your world are feeling as if they and the extraterrestrial issue itself is out of control, a way for them to regain that control would be for them to stage their own extraterrestrial event. Thereby, this would sway public opinion in whatever way they desire.

This is a very real concern and it is something that for the last five years or so I have spoken about. I haven't really gone into length about it because it still was a possibility that was far off in the distance. However we would like to say at this time that as we read the energy right now it is possible within the next two years (as the first probability), and the next five years (as the second probability) that some type of extraterrestrial event will be staged in order that the "powers that be" will feel more in control of the situation itself.

In terms of the outcome of this staged event, or shall we say, how it will be presented, there are several options. The more dire option which we must truly state to you has to do with the staging of some type of hostile event in order to depict ETs as enemies and gain public sympathy and attention for the furthering of space-based weapons. It could also be for the purpose of lumping all extraterrestrial life forms into the hostile category. That is a very real possibility, should some factions of the fractionated power structures be more dominant in the power struggle at any given time.

Recognize that the fractionated structures on your world are stratified in many different ways. Some are very dark, but some are actually somewhat on the lighter side, looking for the greater good. There are some fractionated aspects who are looking to stage an event for the opposite reasons than we have just said.

Let us go back to the more dire scenario for a moment. At the risk of sounding as if we are saying the sky is falling, please listen to these words. We speak them from the heart and we are very serious about this. If within the next 2-5 years your media or your government makes some type of announcement about hostile actions on the part of extraterrestrial life forms, 99.9% of chances are that this is a total untruth. If it were to happen, it is your responsibility to do damage control. Obviously this type of propaganda will cause a lot of panic and the individuals who are of the mindset of "Dark or Light: You must be one or the other" will be thrown into imbalance and into a lot of fear and terror. That vibration of fear and terror is just what the fractionated groups need to seize power. It is highly, highly, highly unlikely there would ever be any real attempt by "negatively-oriented ETs" at some overt hostile act. As you know, humans are much more capable of tho! se typ es of events.

If this scenario is displayed in your media, please know that 99.9% of it is untruth. It will require you to go within to balance yourself and to process the fear. Not only will you need to process the fear, but also balance it out through your own positive energy connections to the Source. It will be required of you to really balance that energy out very quickly before it goes out of control.

Another scenario which is somewhat less likely is that the fractionated groups who are working very covertly to bring this out into the open in a benign way may also stage some type of event that is peaceful in nature in order to throw the balance of power out of the fear category. The reason for doing this would not be for the purposes of swaying public opinion. The reasons for doing this would be to disempower the other fractionated groups. The reasons would have nothing to do with us or you, but simply be a war between the fractionated groups themselves. Do you understand this? This is important. It is all a power game. You and we, at times, are used as pawns in order for them to play their power games.

Another scenario that is possible and somewhat more likely than the more benign announcements that may be staged is a simple neutral announcement which is staged. Let us give you an example of this. It may take the form of the "final disclosure" about Roswell being real, or an even earlier event where all the witnesses are conveniently dead. Or, there may be a disclosure that some military group in some far corner of Siberia had some type of brief exchange with extraterrestrials who then left for their planet, never to return. It may be something like this, where the contact cannot be ongoing. Because it is purported to have happened in some remote corner of Siberia, no one is likely to ever go there to investigate it. That is a possibility as well.

The key for all of you if any of these scenarios happen is to find a way to make each scenario work for you. Obviously if it is a benign announcement that is given, then you can make that work for you even though it wasn't intended to empower you. It can work for you because it can speed up your true and sincere contact efforts because more people will then want to get involved with working groups. The ground will become fertile for many true educational projects.

If it is a neutral announcement, then again it is like planting seeds in fertile ground, especially for people who have been sitting on the fence, not deciding about the ET issue one way or another. If the negative scenario comes about, there is a power in this for all of you as well. You must find it yourselves because it will be different for each of you. Wield that power. Yes, we can say to wield it as a spiritual warrior, but please understand how we mean this. We do not mean it in the form of attack or offense, but in the form of moving with the flow of energy. The best example we can give you is that in some forms of martial arts when an attack is coming you do not resist it, but instead move with the flow of it and thus use that energy for your own means. It is very possible to do that. It will require all of your skill and focus and trust in yourself, but you can do it.

On our end, we will do what we can but we are very aware of not making it worse for all of you by becoming involved. It is very, very, very touchy. For instance, let us use this negative scenario as an example. It is not so much that we are afraid of coming in and getting shot at because we have ways of defending ourselves from that type of hostility. However, there are ways where our intentions can be used to insidiously twist public opinion even further, demonizing us even more. Therefore, it would hurt all of you who are attempting to bring all of this information out into the light. So, we must tread very, very carefully. Mark my words on this one, we will not sit by idly. There are things we will do within our own integrity and within our own power structures to not allow that manipulation to take root. But, it is up to us to decide the best ways to implement that. In whatever way possible, we will protect you, knowing also that you are responsible for acting ! wisely as well.

You don't often hear of me talk of these things. I would never talk of these things to individuals to whom it would frighten, who would take this information and use it to build the fearful scenario. That is something I refuse to do. I will not give it that power. But, at the same time, to those of you who understand the so-called politics of the situation and how precariously you are all poised right now in this moment in history, you must become aware of the fractionated groups and their intentions should they begin to feel a sense of losing control of this issue -- which might be coming very soon.

Do not think of this as really dire. Do not become depressed. Do not give it that energy. But simply prepare yourself for all scenarios. At this point in time, the best way for preparation is education. The more people who become aware of the possibility of a hostile staged event, the more they will be ready for it and the more it won't take root if it happens. The element of surprise will work to their advantage if many of you are prepared for it and have blown off the steam on it before it ever takes root. It will make a significant difference.

You have a saying in your world. We [Pleiadians/ETs] did not just fall off the turnip truck! We have been dealing with civilizations much more insidious than yours for millennia. We know the tricks that are played in an attempt to grab for power. We are ready for them. (When I say "we" I am not necessarily referring to myself and my contact team. This isn't my department. I am "relaying" a message if you will, from the "strategists" on our end.) So, have we thoroughly depressed you for the evening?

Q: Not at all. I think it is very hopeful, myself.

Q: Is it more accurate to say that it will be a staged event by earthlings for earthlings? What is the possibility of an ET group actually initiating contact?

It is more likely at this time that a staged event will take place by earthlings. That is the higher probability. There may be some ET groups coerced into it, but not necessarily of their own choosing. The media and the spin doctors within the UFO field have done a very good job of making you believe that there is a negative ET under every rock. There is not. If you believe there is not, you are called naive. You are labeled ignorant. But think of it the other way. How naive are you to believe that everything is negative? How naive are you to believe that everything is positive? It is a matter of how you look at things. It is very unlikely that any ETs involved in this would be negatively-oriented and be orchestrating it. It is much more likely it will be orchestrated by humans. If ETs seem to be involved, they will be coerced in some way or made to appear as if they are involved.

Recognize that there are ETs who have interacted with you from various evolutionary levels of development. Some are not all that much more developed than you and therefore can be manipulated because they simply have less experience. Some of those ETs may get caught in the human web. That is unfortunate and we attempt at times to assist them out of the human web, but sometimes that is not possible.

Q: Are some of those groups right now in communication with the darker human groups who would coerce them into participating?

There are some ETs who are simply attempting diplomatic relations who have gotten caught up with black fractionated groups and because the ET groups have not necessarily done their homework on the human government and people structure, they simply "fell in with the wrong crowd" and got their feet a bit tangled in the web. Again, in some ways the situation is a lot more complex than it seems on the surface. In some ways it is much more simple. But the bottom line is that most of you involved in the UFO field have already known that you cannot trust your media or your government to handle this with tact and truthfulness. That lesson has been learned time and time again. That lesson is going to be invaluable in the next 2-5 years.

Q: Sasha, it seems to me that your presence as well as the whole Association of Worlds is present and working in the different slices of society. You are integrating with us as best as possible whatever our particular focus is. For the individual and this time that is coming, there are many challenges. All of the interactions that are taking place seem to be for the purpose of finding balance and integration. I feel like your contact team is working with each of the strata in helping us to bring that about in ourselves.

The bottom line in all of this is evolution. You cannot get any more simple than that. At this time in your history you are given the opportunity of your own evolution. You may choose the method of fear and fractionation, or you may choose the method of unity and love. These are not airy-fairy nontangible ideas. They are very real. The bottom line is that if you give into fear and you empower fractionation, you will learn your lessons through that road and they will be painful ones. This doesn't mean rejecting fear though. You must be willing to face it and walk through it, and transform it. Only then can you get to unity and love.

This is not philosophy. This is truth. You will all be called upon in this time to make those choices. These are not just internal choices. They must be coupled with action. If you can couple your inner choices with the actions that you take in your life, you literally anchor a vibrational reality around you and no other can touch you. But you must be willing to do that. This entire ET issue in a sense (though it is real unto itself of course) is the latest test of the proverbial external demon coming to get you.

Through the fractionation of your own governments and egos, you choose how much power to give that external demon (which is an illusion of your own creation) by how much fear you choose to wallow in. If you do not choose the road of fear, then it no longer becomes a demon but a tool of transformation. When you use that tool of transformation and you emerge on the other side, then you find those entities who have been trying to contact you all along. You cannot see them for who they truly are unless you first see your own demons because they are much closer standing in front of you than we are. You must walk through them to get to us.

Q: What advice can you give to some of us here about how to proceed with the contact research?

Some of you have had a lot of experience with some of the physical, tangible, yuckiness of the fractionated groups. The way that this can be dealt with in the easiest and most nonharmful way is difficult because it is very delicate. You cannot respond on the level that you are being given. You must take yourself above that. This does not necessarily mean to stand naked for the arrows to hit you. But it does not mean wearing armor. So then, what does it mean? It means setting a field around yourself or your groups (preferably in groups). The field that you generate then dictates the reality that you experience. So literally no matter what experience is coming toward you, it won't penetrate your field of intention. There are many things you can use to augment this process besides your own thoughts and love and meditational energy. Of course you can use meditational techniques that you already know, such as the group Merkabah techniques. On the physical level there are ELF protectors you can wear. We cannot tell you the configurations but there are people who can show you how to use magnets to set up fields that make it difficult for penetration. There are various creative ways through the use of physical technology and light consciousness energy that are useful. It is up to you how much discipline you wish to use, but it can be done. The bottom line is again, not to take the attitude that you need protection, otherwise you will create something to be protected from! It is a matter of not feeling the need for protection, but rather simply choosing the reality you wish to become.

Q: How much validity should we place in messages given to us by friends that are warnings of danger?

Much, much, much of this input is not coming from the probability stream. It is coming from the fractionated groups attempting to cause fear. If you get caught in fear, you lose your footing. If they can't get to you directly, they get to those close to you. So, please know that much of this is simply a method to get you to lose your footing. Of course your loved ones care about you so when they say these things it is important not to invalidate them. But let it be an affirmation for you to choose the reality you wish to become. Once all of this tangled mess is over with, the outcome is quite extraordinary.

Q: Is it true that there is a space city/base in South America that the Pleiadians are using?

Not just Pleiadians. All allied groups are using it. It has been kept covertly and has been covered from your fractionated black groups as well. It is being allowed to be seen by some contactees now as a political move, so to speak. Unfortunately you have a saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Sometimes in order to communicate with some of the fractionated fear-based groups in your world, certain methods must be used to communicate with them because they do not understand the universal forms of communication. The revealing of this city was a way to reveal some of the ET activity on Earth that is not harmful or negative. This shows that we go about our business and offers the opportunity for an awareness that there is an ET presence that goes far beyond their abilities to manipulate. Please know that any groups of a fractionated nature seeking to find the base will not find it.

Q: How many more of those space cities are there currently on Earth?

There is one in Tibet, one in Asia but more in eastern Russia/China area, South America . . . at the poles, both poles. We are just telling you some of the main ones. There are more but it is not all that necessary for us to go into it because the point is that there is a presence. Many, many of these ETs have been born on Earth! Though their DNA is ET, in some ways they consider themselves Earth beings. Earth beings have many definitions and they are not just humans. Although humans would like to think they are the most advanced species on Earth, that is simply not true.

Thank you for compassion and dedication for what we all wish to create together. We can feel it. Much love to each and every one of you.

Lyssa Royal Holt is an internationally known channel and author of the books Preparing for Contact, Visitors from Within, and The Prism of Lyra which are published in several languages worldwide. She often conducts sacred site tours and seminars around the planet and currently lives in Arizona with her husband when not traveling. For a free catalog or more information send two stamps to Royal Priest Research, c/o PO Box 30973, Phoenix, Arizona 85046.