Mastering Personal Power

Germane channeled by Lyssa Royal

Germane: All right. This is Germane. The title of this tape is MASTERING PERSONAL POWER. We are going to begin with a very essential idea to understanding this whole concept. That is, that personal power is not anything you need "master", as if it is something you do not now have. Rather, it is something you already possess. In that case then, instead of looking at it as mastering something you do not have, look at it like remembering how to use something which you already have.

Each and every one of you, being sparks of creation, are 100% masters. You all know what it is like to exist, you all know how to manipulate energy, you all know how to live to the fullest extent of what you are capable of. This is something you needn't learn. However, here comes the challenge.

Those of you who choose to incarnate in physical reality (especially on a planet such as your Earth) have a bit of a challenge. Part of the reason this Earth plane was set up was for a learning school. Because it is a learning school, obviously there must be challenges. Recognize these challenges are put in place for all of you to exercise your spiritual muscles, shall we say, for all of you to be all that you can be, and for each and every one of you to learn what there is to learn and to progress yourself and to grow, and to be of service to others.

When you incarnate into this plane, there are a set of rules that you (by your agreement to incarnate) must follow. Some of those rules are quite obvious: One is that you will adhere to the laws of time and space. That is a fairly simple one. You all have that one down quite well. Another is that thought will take time to manifest reality. And another is that you will have a challenge of illusion that will be the greatest challenge that exists for you. As you recognize illusion for what it is (illusion, and not reality), you then begin to remember the mastery that you have from the other realms. You cannot master personal power in physical reality while maintaining the idea of illusion.

That is the challenge. For many of you do not know, really, what illusion is and why it is there, and how you can see beyond it.

Assuming then that you are already masters, how do you reawaken that mastery into your physical lives here on Earth? How do you see beyond the illusion? The easiest, easiest place to start is with whatever obstacles you see in your life. If you look at the idea of your spiritual mastery, your personal power, as being channeled through to you from a funnel, the obstacles are those things that clog the funnel. Once that funnel is clogged for any period of time, you forget that the funnel is there. You forget that that personal power energy is always channeling through. Therefore, those obstacles take on the form of illusion. They are confusing for you. They are like mirrors placed askew in many different directions, confusing you and directing you, and using reflections rather than reality until you are looking in any direction except the direction of the funnel - the direction of your personal power.

Recognize that when you come into physical reality, there is a structure, a portion of your consciousness, which is a facilitator for your lives here in physical reality. You call that portion of you "ego". Now the ego is a neutral thing. It doesn't have to be a positive or negative thing. It is a neutral idea. It is a regulator. It is a facilitator. However, when too much power is given to that ego, that is when the ego becomes imbalanced. That's when illusion begins to form. That's when many of you have called the "negative ego" comes into play.

Somewhere in the development of the ego (for many of you, not for all of you), when you've been faced with challenges which were meant to strengthen you, they were misconstrued into being fears that threaten you. And the first time that happened in your life is when the obstacles begin and illusion begins being formed. Prior to that time, you as souls incarnate on Earth are in your mastery.

Now one may say, "Well, how can a little child be in their mastery?" Recognize that if we are talking about infants, they do not have the motor skills to move their body in order to manipulate reality. This does not mean they are not masters. It simply means they are not yet developed in their motor skills. But the soul energy at that time that is being expressed onto the physical plane is entirely connected with that personal power. It is only when the ego is allowed to begin protecting you from your fear rather than guiding you to confront your fear, it is only until that point that mastery ends (so to speak) and illusion begins.

Now we are talking about a period of time very, very early in your development as a human. It can happen literally from the first few months of life. Or, the ego creation of illusion to protect you from your fears may not happen until after several years of life. It is really different for each person. However that is the point that you can trace back where the ego has begun building illusion and facade to protect you from perceived threats. It is at that point where the mastery of the personal power begins to take a back seat, and survival begins to take a front seat. This does not have to occur this way. It has simply been a good way of coping for thousands of years. You then taught your children, and your children taught their children, etc., until you've forgotten that each soul comes in as masters.

If you could remember that, if you could begin teaching your children that and truly believing it (not pretending to believe it), you will find that your attainment of personal power would be more rapid, more complete, more easy, and with a lot less struggle.

We are going to give you an analogy here, given to us by a good friend, that can demonstrate how the ego works to keep you from claiming your personal power. Here is the analogy. Let us say that you have a mother and a daughter. The daughter decides that she would feel more comfortable with a gun in the house, because there have been break-ins in the neighborhood. So she goes out and buys herself a fancy little pistol. She is very impressed with the beautiful handiwork of the pistol. She come home and she is very proud.

At this point, she has not really put the bullets in yet. So she has not felt the power that she has in her hand. But she is toying with the idea. She has the bullets in a little box and they are in the bag with the gun. So, she comes home. Her mother is there and she says, "Mother! Look! I bought this gun so that we will feel safe and so we can protect ourselves." The mother looks at the gun with wide eyes, and then looks back at the daughter and says, "Are you sure that you can handle that? Are you sure that you know how to shoot? Are you sure that you are not going to accidently kill someone with that?"

Suddenly, the daughter's reality begins to shift. She starts questioning her own power. She starts questioning whether she really can handle that gun. And right then and there she certainly decides that she is not putting any bullets in it.

So she keeps this gun around for a few days without the bullets in it. Every once in a while she picks it up and she plays with it. But there is a little bit of a sick feeling in the solar plexus. There is a little voice that says, "Are you sure that this was the right decision?"

One day, she goes into the kitchen and her mother is standing there. She says, "Mother, I know that you took shooting classes when you were young. And I know that you feel comfortable around a gun. So I would like to give you this gun and I would like you to use this gun if we ever have an intruder. I would like you to use this gun, because I don't feel that I really have the knowledge it takes, nor the confidence it takes to carry this weapon."

So, the mother takes the gun, puts the bullets in it, and puts it in the drawer. For a few days, the daughter feels quite secure. But then every once in a while she keeps eyeing that drawer, knowing what is in that drawer, knowing that the GUN is there - this power that is now out of her hands because she is too afraid to use it. Day after day, she checks on that gun to make sure it is still there.

One day, it is not in the drawer. In that day, she begins to be worried. She begins to harbor fantasies that her mother has taken the gun and has hidden it so that if she ever needs it, she won't be able to find it. Therefore, the symbol of power that she has chosen has been given away and is now hidden, and she doesn't know where to find it.

You can see that there are a lot of different endings to this story, if one could say there ever is an "ending". However, as long as the daughter worries about the mother's motivation with her symbol of power, as long as the daughter does not ask for the gun back, she will leave her security, her confidence, and her personal power in the hands of another.

As each and every one of you are growing up, especially women and little girls, you are taught that power is a dangerous thing...and if you have power, you'd better darn know what to do with it. Otherwise, do not ever, ever, ask for it. So you grow up and you go out into the world, and suddenly you realize that all the "weapons" or all the tools (which ever way you want to look at it) that were symbols of your own power, your own confidence, your own strength, are not present with you any more. You open the tool box and it is empty. The reason for this is because you've given it to other people to wield for you. You've never allowed yourself to train yourself with those tools so that you could feel confident and so that you can then stand fully empowered.

This is the dynamic which humankind is now facing. Not only are you trying to get your power back, but more importantly (and the first step), you are trying to find where you put it! Or, who has it. Because if you have no idea where it is and why you gave it away to begin with, how can you ever seek to claim it back?

So mastering personal power, first and foremost, is recognizing what it is in you that caused you to give it away in the first place. Is it fear? Is it self-hatred? What is it? And when you can begin to understand that, the answer will come as to who has your power.

For instance, let us say that once you discover why you've given it away, then you look at who has it, you may find many different answers. Your government may have it. Your religion may have it. Your husband or wife may have it. Your society may have it. You teachers may have it. In fact, anyone and everyone may have it other than you. When you begin to see to whom you've given your power and why, you will learn a tremendous amount about yourself. And we would suggest before you ever seek to gain personal power, first discover where you've put it. Because otherwise, you will not know how to recognize it. Therefore if you can't recognize it, you can't claim it.

Once you then have identified where you've put it, you can then seek the means to claim it back. Each of you will do this differently. We can give you certain techniques etc., but recognize that each person will go along the path differently. However, we absolutely guarantee you that when you discover who you've given the power to and why, you will be "over the hill" - you will be at the top of the hill. The rest will be downhill.

The analogy we gave you at the beginning about the funnel that is connected to you through which your personal power filters, and the obstacles or illusions that get stuck there which cause you to forget that you have it, is very similar to this idea. Meaning that another way of look at it is to look at that funnel and see what form those obstacles take. For instance, if those obstacles take the shape of constant problems with the government, then that is going to tell you that you've given your power in that direction - to the government.

If those obstacles take the form of continued abusive relationships for instance, then that will point you in the direction that you have given your power to another person in your relationships - therefore you are powerless in relationships, hence, abuse.

So in order to find out what it is, how you create those obstacles, look at first what they are. What form do they take in your life? Examine your life with a fine tooth comb. What is the common theme? Those are going to represent the obstacles or the illusions that are distracting the flow of your own personal power which is always there, distracting you from knowing you have it, and keeping other people as the holders of your power. Understand that. Know that. And when you can identify that, you can very actively and fully begin taking your power back.

Before we go further, are there questions or clarifications on what we've said?

Question: Yes. I got the impression that giving up this power, or giving it away or hiding it, was a prerequisite for third-density [physical] Earth experience. Is that a correct interpretation of what you were saying?

This game that you play of hide and seek with your personal power is part and parcel of the game of third-dimensional reality, yes.

Question: I've been using the video arcade analogy in my own mind recently. Before we came into the arcade we had to give the power away and now we are standing at the video game trying to find who we gave it to.

Yes. And if you can't find who you gave it to, and own that you gave it away, the actual claiming of it and mastering of it will be a lot more difficult.

Question: This reclaiming of personal power is obviously one essential step in the transformation from third density to fourth. For comparative purposes, so that we can perhaps view this from a little different perspective, could you briefly describe the condition of personal power as it exists in fourth density?

Let us rephrase the question, and you tell us if this is what you mean. As opposed to what we've just discussed about what is occurring on your planet now with giving away the power, you want to know where you are moving toward as personal power begins to be claimed? What is it going to look like?

Question: Yes. That is a good start.

In some ways, it is going to be very, very alien to you now because most of you are used to giving away the power. However, we will do our best to describe for you (at least generally) what it will be like.

First of all, essential to claiming personal power is 100% ownership of everything that happens in your reality. So if you are in a car accident, if someone has embezzled from you, whatever, any situation that has come into your reality must be 100% owned. In the transition that you are moving toward now (the transition that we call the transition from third to fourth density), you are going to find that in that fourth-density framework, everyone will be totally self-responsible for their lives. We are talking literally about an entire shift. It means you will no longer blame anyone. If you ever have to blame someone, you are not in your personal power.

As an example, look at what this is going to do for the judicial system and lawyers. If there is a change, and individuals are owning their realities, there will be no need for law suits. That is one very, very simple example. Imagine what it would be like for everyone in your world to 100% own and claim their lives, and what happens to them. When that happens, you will also find that everyone on your world has 100% mastered their personal power. Do you follow so far?

Question: Yes, and I'll let you keep going. One of the things that occurred to me is that when you learn to ride a bicycle there is a point where you no longer have to even think about your balance. Right now we are experiencing individual issues about personal power. In fourth density, those issues (I assume) are handled. There are no longer challenges to that personal power concept just like there are no longer challenges to balancing on a bicycle.


Question: So this is an issue that we go through, we get, and fourth density provides us with a whole different range of issues that then will not include this question of personal power. It is something we will have done.

Yes. Right now what you are all doing on your world is that you are learning to ride without training wheels. For now at least, you are still reminding yourself to keep in balance on that bicycle. However, very shortly in many of your lifetimes you are going to see a tremendous shift where you are no longer going to have to think about balancing yourself on that bicycle. It is going to be a natural expression of who you are. And so as the reality is claimed 100%, as total self-responsibility for the reality is taken by each person, they are going to learn to live that way rather than live through blame. And when they learn to live that way, they are truly, truly on the path of total mastery of their personal power. Very good analogy.

Question: Germane, a lot of people will have a tendency to want to work on, for example, why I would have given the gun away. If it was self-doubt, I would then spend hours working on my self-doubt. You are suggesting instead that it might be better to merely take the gun back and confront the fear...

of having the gun...

Question: ...of having the gun. And through confronting the fear you'll naturally go back to perhaps reliving the self-doubt...

Yes. You will ultimately need to take the gun back and to feel what it is like to have it (even if it is fearful) before you can truly master the use of the gun. How can you master the use of the gun if you never pick it up? You know we have said so many times that the thing you desire most is often the thing you fear the most. In this case, so many of you desire personal power and that is the very thing you are afraid of. It will require you to claim that power (at least a little bit) to bring up the fear or the resistance to then cleanse it out, so that you can then finally learn how to use it and become strong through that usage. Do you follow?

Question: I do. And it would seem obvious then that for many of us this personal power that we need to reclaim may actually be back in the roots of our family - >our mother and father.

Oh, yes. Recognize that each and every one of you as children have role models in your mother and father (or your primary care givers) and those role models are the first people that you ever encounter. [Tape is turned over] And when you have a little child who is so hungry to learn, they pattern themselves after the first role model that they are presented. This is not a conscious thing. But this is what happens. And so if your parents have been patterned to give away personal power...perhaps your mother has been patterned that she should give up her power to the man. And the man has been patterned that he is the only one who can safely handle the power, this is going to be passed on to children. And it is then going to be passed on to their children, and on down the line. Until conscious intervention happens, it can unconsciously be carried.

So more than anything else what we are talking about is a form of conscious intervention. It is a point of saying, "Ah ha! This is why I have not felt empowered. I will own this. I will thus, in the owning, change it." That commitment right there, that recognition, that ownership, that is the true point of power.

Question: So the more that your primary caregiver tended to live in fear (therefore giving up their power in any area they are afraid), they give up their power to the person or thing whom they are afraid of.


Question: Then the more you will be patterned to give up your personal power because you are following the dictates or models of your primary caregiver.

Exactly. Now we recognize that there is really so much to share with you on this idea of claiming personal power. The time allotted on the tape will not allow us to do so. However, we would like to give you some techniques to get the ball rolling so that those of you who are feeling disempowered, who really are looking for that mastery of your personal power, this will give you a place to start.

The number one place to start in achieving personal power (or reclaiming personal power) is to begin with fear. We were just talking a few moments ago about the analogy regarding the gun. If you've given the gun to your mother and you want to get the gun back, (i.e. you want to get your personal power back), all the analyzing in the world about why you gave it away is not going to get you there. It is going to help, but it is not going to do it. You are going to need to be willing to ask your mother for the gun back, to be willing to hold it with the bullets, and process your fear about your inability to handle that piece of power. The one single idea that can keep you immobile is fear. That one single idea must be confronted and addressed.

So, we are going to give you some exercises to help you work with your fear so that it will not seem so overwhelming to you, so that little by little as you begin working with this fear, you will then (little by little) feel more and more self-empowered.

The Negative Fantasy Technique

The first technique we are going to give you is the least threatening one. This technique we call "Negative Fantasy". This analogy with the gun is very good, so we are going to continue it through in these techniques. You will begin to see how the dynamics of personal empowerment and disempowerment play out.

Negative Fantasy. What this means, is that as you are trying to learn how to use the gun (and you are very, very afraid of the gun), what you are going to do is go into a meditation (or a fantasy). What you are going to do is imagine over and over again the worst case scenario that you can think of regarding that gun.

Now, we need to explain something here. Many people, when we talk about this technique immediately say, "Well, Germane, if I imagine that, it is going to happen!" No! No, no, no, no! What you are going to be doing, as you imagine this over and over again, is blowing off any fear charge that you have. As you imagine it over and over again and you see that you are all right and you see that the fear becomes less and less and less and less, you are going to feel more empowered and less disabled by fear.

Just a quick statement here on how reality is created ... Often people have thought, "Well if I imagine it, I will create it." However, the mechanism is simply as follows: Whatever you have the most energy behind will be what is created. Whether this is conscious, or unconscious. So, if you have a lot of fear that you are going to accidently shoot yourself, and you are not willing to address that fear, the chances are more likely that you will need to then confront that fear by shooting yourself. However, if, through negative fantasy, you seek to bleed off that held-in charge inside of you of the fear of shooting yourself...if you continue to process and imagine this and see that as the fear bleeds off you are okay, then the loudest voice that speaks to the universe will be the voice of your confidence, not the voice of your fear. Then, the likelihood of you shooting yourself will be a lot less. You draw to you that which you have the most charge over. You draw to you that which you fear most. If you process your fear, you will not draw it to you.

We have given this technique to several people and they have stated that as soon as they began using the technique, they started feeling a shift. They didn't feel as overwhelmed by their fear. You have to trust, when you use this technique, that you are in a process of releasing fear and becoming self-empowered. If you fear the power of your own thoughts, that is not an empowering thought. That will create you a situation to support your fear of your own thoughts. Negative fantasy is a very powerful technique to bleed off that overwhelming fear energy. It is like those obstacles blocking the way of the funnel. When you do the negative fantasy technique, you dissolve those objects. You start to dissolve those objects that are blocking the funnel and so you then begin to feel the flow of the personal power energy coming through the funnel. If you don't dissolve the blocks, you can't feel it. If you can't feel it, how can you ever hope to achieve it?

We cannot stress to you how important facing and confronting your fears really is when you are attempting to master your personal power.

Question: The only thing that I assume that is important is that should you get to the point where you feel that you want to blame the mother for taking your gun, you have to realize that you need to move through that blame until you recognize that in fact you had to have given her the gun.

Yes! That comes right down to what we were talking about - total self-responsibility for your reality. The minute you get into the game that "they" took it (no matter what the external appearances look like), you are going to perpetuate the cycle of blame and never become self-responsible, and then of course never claim personal power.

Question: You were saying that you might find that there is a fear of personal thought. You could run the negative fantasy on that fear, as well.

Yes. Interesting concept.

Question: If that is the thing that you fear the most, then that is the thing that you need to run that process on.

Yes. There is another fear technique we would like to share. The reason for giving this technique is because it puts the ball in your court, so that from a point of self empowerment and personal power, you can then challenge your fear and from that point of personal power, you are calling the shots with your fear. You are not a victim to your fear. This exercise is simply that we will ask you several questions. We would suggest that the person doing this exercise get a notebook and answer the following questions.

Four Step Fear Process

1) What do I fear? We would suggest that the person list as many things as possible. This is including physical fears (such as snakes or riding in a car). It is also encompassing fear of success, fear of not being loved, fear of being abandoned. It is the tangible fears and the intangible fears. Write down as much as you possibly can. Take as long as you possibly can to do it. It is going to be very illuminating for you.

2) How does this fear manifest in my life? For instance, an answer to that questions might be, "When I am in fear, I lash out at those I love." It is very important for you to identify the behavior that you engage in when you are in fear. Often you do not know when you are in fear, because it is a behavior or an energy that you are used to. But if you can learn to identify your behavior patterns, you can then examine your patterns and know when you are in fear. That way, every time you lash out at someone you love, you are going to know, "Ah ha! I must be in fear."

Question: And Germane, chances are those patterns will be the same for all the fears, right?

Yes. Thank you very much. If you have twenty-five fears that you've just listed, the behavior that you engage in when you are in fear will be identical for all of those twenty-five things you've listed. Fear is fear.

Once you've done this second question - started to identify your behavior, this is when you are going to start feeling a little twinge of personal power. Because you are going to start to realize that you have the tool to recognize it, and so you have the tool to confront it. And you have the tool to heal it. The third question would be:

3) What possible value can I find for the expression of my fear? Let us reword this. What value can you ascribe to the expression of your fear? Example: Your fear is extremely valuable because it points out to you when you are having tremendous growth opportunities. If you can identify, through your behavior, when you are in fear, you can stop and say, "Ah ha! This is an extremely valuable time right now, because it signifies something for me to move through which will be tremendously empowering."

Question: FDR said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.


Question: Do I get from this third question that what you are trying to do is to shift our viewpoint of having been afraid of fear, to embracing that fear as something valuable in our transformation and our personal growth?

When you can accept the value of everything in your life (including the negative, including fear), that will be when you claim your power.

Question: The point being that the thing that we have not wanted to confront is more the fear, rather than the results of the fear.


Question: If you are talking about the gun, it isn't that we want to not confront the shooting, it is that we don't want to confront the emotion of fear that is associated with the gun. So you are trying to get us to confront the fear itself, and embrace it.

Yes! Humans are more afraid of fear than the actual thing they claim they are afraid of.

Question: Which is why people say whenever they've had for example a terrible car accident, they get through it and say, "That's all there is?" They can't believe how simple it is once they go through the fear.

Going back to the beginning of what we were saying - how your ego develops - the minute your ego perceives a threat, it is going to protect you from that threat. Not only is it going to protect you from the threat, it is going to protect you from the feeling of being threatened. That means, protecting you from feeling fear. So not only is your ego protecting you from the thing, it is also protecting you from the feeling of the thing, which is the fear.

Question: Is it really even protecting you from the thing? Isn't it's only job to protect you from the feeling?

Recognize that a lot of the portions of the ego delude themselves. So it is going to protect you from anything that takes on any shape or form close to the fear.

Question: I just have to say one more thing that is hitting me at this point. Any time the ego receives a threat, it reacts with fear. It has one response to any number of invasions. This is the exact same mechanism that the physical body has. It has one response, which is inflammation, and then it goes on from there. It is a one response mechanism.

Yes. And recognize that even though the ego has one response - fear - that fear will often cloak itself in other emotions so that it is disguised so that you can never trace it back to the ego. It is a camouflage mechanism. For instance, descriptions of things that are really fear disguised are often: anger, jealousy, protectiveness...we could go on and on and on with this. The fear is underlying all of the disguises that it appears as. And you will need to examine your reactions to situations to really see where the fear is. Fear is it! When you master fear, you master your personal power.

The fourth part of the exercise is a fun little exercise that is going to let your subconscious really have it's say. These other portions of the exercise are your conscious mind. The fourth part of the exercise is:

4) Personify your fear. Take a clean sheet of paper, colored pens and pencils, crayons, whatever you want, and what you are going to do is to personify your fear. Draw your fear. Give it a humanoid form - whether it looks like a witch or a vampire, or an ugly monster, make it is ugly and as sinister as you can, but still keep it having the appearance of human. This is a very, very powerful mechanism. What it is going to do is communicate to your subconscious mind and your ego that fear is on your level. We will call this fear character "Mr. Fear." (You can call it "Miss Fear" if you want to, it doesn't matter). Mr. Fear, when personified, is like fear being revealed. It is now vulnerable. It now stands there in front of you and you can see it is your height. It has two arms, two legs. It is something you can deal with. It is not this big, black void.

When you put fear on your level through personification, you can then use all sorts of techniques such as dialoging with the fear to help the transformational process occur. When you've mastered fear, once again we will repeat, when you've mastered fear, you have mastered self-empowerment. In a sense, fear is the one enemy all of you are fighting on this planet - to speak a little bit dramatically. Each of you have disguised Mr. Fear in a different costume. So Mr. Fear is always something outside of you. However, Mr. Fear is something very alive and well inside. And it is the primary blockage toward mastering personal power. When Mr. Fear is brought to your level and embraced and allowed to express itself, you will be on the path toward absolutely and totally mastering your personal power.

You are already seeing in your society, in your own circle of friends perhaps, that when one commits themselves to personal growth, one must confront fear, or you will not go any farther.

The tools to personal power are very easy, very light. They have the instructions clearly written upon them. But you can't get in the tool box, because Mr. Fear has his foot on it. Until you befriend Mr. Fear, you cannot get at that tool box. You may, when Mr. Fear is taking a nap, sneak to the tool box and pull out a tool. But no sooner do you have it in your hand, he wakes up, and he snatches it back.

This is the game that humans have been playing for quite some time. But now you know there is a tool box. Now you know the instructions are clearly written on the tools. Now you know that the only thing standing in between you is Mr. Fear. He's the one to contend with. And he is a part of you. Because he is a part of you, he needs to be valued and recognized for what he can give to you. When you can do that, that is an indication that you are either very close to mastering or have mastered your fear. From that point on, the tool box is clearly open and clearly labeled. It is your playground...and we would say that your mastery of your own personal power in this lifetime in this physical reality is more of a playground than you realize.

If there is no fun involved in this mastery, we would suggest not doing it. If there is no joy, if there is no excitement, go back a little bit and work on something else until you can muster the joy and the excitement. Because when you've truly committed toward mastery of that personal power, if you are truly committed and truly excited, then even the fear will be an exciting thing. That also will be a signpost to tell you whether you've really committed, or whether you are still in the phase of "trying" to commit. If your fear is an exciting thing (because it represents the path to your power), then you are full steam ahead. If not, then continue to search for the mastery of your fear before you go further. And once again when you feel the excitement, you will know you are ready.

Each and every one of you carries this tool box. Each and every one of you has an equal chance of mastering those tools. We know you would not have set this up if you were not capable of achieving it. And we know that the rewards are great when you achieve it. You are a very persistent civilization. You will achieve what you are setting out to do. Persistence, patience, joy, and love.

Enjoy your road to personal power...for there is a pot of gold at the end. Much love to you! And we send you a good day.

GERMANE: Germane considers himself to be a nonphysical group consciousness associated with the Orion Light - a future integrated version of the galactic family of which we on Earth are a part. He chose the name "Germane" because of it's english definition: "Coming from the same source, or significantly relevant to." There is no connection to St. Germain.

*The other primary entity channeled by Lyssa is Sasha, who is described as follows:

SASHA: Sasha is a physical female from the Pleiadian star system. She calls herself a cultural engineer and specializes in opening contact with planets who are ready to enter the galactic community. She often provides information about the evolutionary patterns of developing planets, most notably the Earth.

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