The Lemurian Influence

Note: This session was for a private group from Japan during their 1993 visit to Sedona. The original tape, (#130) includes a Japanese translation.

Germane: All right, this is Germane with greetings to you.

We'd like to begin by giving you a little bit of the history of Sedona and you could certainly consider it an ancient history. During the time period that you know of as Lemuria, the area of Sedona was a series of islands. Now, we would consider this to be ancient Lemuria. During this period of time, there were many different types of beings who inhabited your world. There were some physical beings like yourselves, but there were also many beings in different dimensional realities, as well. It was a very populated area on many different dimensional levels.

Within the cliffs that you see here now, in those ancient days, there were dwellings, interdimensionally, where many of these beings lived. Even now, some of those beings still live within the cliffs. Humans would see them as spirit forms. They would not seem physical to you. And to them, you are equally alien. During the latter time of the ancient days of Lemuria, the civilizations here were peaceful for long periods of time. But toward the end of the Lemurian civilization, the beings were aware that some type of dramatic change was coming.

The Lemurian Consciousness Has Been Kept Alive

> Now the end of the Lemurian civilization occurred at the same time as the end of the Atlantean civilization, but even though the physical civilization ended, the consciousness of Lemuria has never gone. It is kept alive in the earth of your planet so that you will never forget your ancient past. All of the indigenous peoples, the Indians in this area of the world - United States, South America, Canada - are the memory-carriers of the Lemurian civilization. They have memories of the ancient ways locked within them. Even though those memories remain locked, the energy itself is felt on the planet. One day those memories will be unlocked.

Toward the end of the Lemurian civilization, the physical beings were aware that there was going to be a great change in the land mass. There was a decision that all of the precious knowledge from Lemuria would somehow be stored on the Earth for later use. For about 300 years before the end of the Lemurian civilization, these physical beings began preparing for a cataclysm. They began different ways of record storage. One thing they did was to program what they called "seed crystals." These seed crystals are programmed with the knowledge of ancient Lemuria. They were scattered throughout your planet. Some of these crystals were put in areas of your world that were rich in crystalline growth. That way, the seed crystals could program the crystals that would grow throughout time. This is how you will find crystals that have knowledge stored within them, for when you place one crystal in proximity to another, there can be an information transfer between them.

So that was one way that Lemurian information was preserved. Another way was by the creation of stories that were documented in hieroglyphs on walls or on stone tablets. Most of these are still kept hidden deep within the Earth. Now before the Earth changes happened, many people volunteered to go deep within the Earth and wait until the Earth changes had subsided. Once the Earth changes stabilized, their mission was then to come from the inner Earth onto the planet and begin seeding this civilization.

Many of your Native peoples on Earth have ancient myths that say they emerged through a hole in the Earth. Several Native American tribes claim that their beginnings were inside the Earth and then they came out onto the surface. There are places on your planet called cenote. They are very, very deep holes filled with water. Those of you who have been in the Yucatan have seen one at Chichen Itza. However, there is another cenote here, outside of Sedona [Montezuma's Well]. That cenote was one of the major emergence points for these beings who were underground and then came out when the Earth changes subsided. The legends of the Native Americans in this area do say that. And we would suggest that you take a short visit there, for it is very rare that one of these emergence points from the inner Earth is actually seen on the surface.

When the Earth changes subsided and these beings emerged to the surface, they saw some interesting things. This period of time we're talking about is the what you call the Great Flood. It was also the time of the destruction of Atlantis. When they finally emerged on the surface, they saw that great devastation had occurred. Many, many humans did not survive. A lot of the animal species that were present did not survive either. What many of the Native peoples did find were groups of beings who were fighting over territory. In the present day, you would call those beings extraterrestrials, but in ancient days, those beings were called gods. They were not necessarily revered as gods, but they were seen as superior beings. These gods were primarily light-skinned, or what you'd call Caucasian. The native Lemurians had a darker, thicker skin. When these ancient peoples emerged to the surface and saw these gods fighting, they knew that it was not time to release the Lemurian information. They felt that the Lemurian information would be used for power struggles rather than for peace. And so, at that point, they decided that they would hold the knowledge very securely until they felt that the world would not use it for power struggles.

Native AmericansProtect the Ancient Knowledge

The holders of that information now are the Native American people, as well as Polynesian tribes from the northern and southern Pacific. And even though this happened so long ago and they may have forgotten what it is they were protecting, there is an inner knowingness deep within them, for they are still the protectors of the Earth. This is something that they know on a cellular level. The knowledge they hold will not be released until they see the white man or the other people beginning to live in peace. The Native American prophecies reflect this idea. Even though they don't consciously know that they hold this information, or that they will help release it, through their prophecies they give information that talks about when the knowledge will be needed.

So there will be an automatic process that will occur. When your Earth begins healing and peace begins to be spread upon your world, energetically they will begin releasing the memories and the information. When they see that the healing of the Earth is beginning and that peace is the primary important thing to humans, they will then energetically and unconsciously begin releasing the information. If you were to meet a Native American on the street and you asked him for the information, he would not know of what you speak. Very few know what it is that they are protecting. It is usually passed among the elders in the tribe and it doesn't go any further.

Now, a question that you may have in your mind is, what is the nature of this information? We can tell you with certainty that it is nothing you don't already know. A lot of the information simply is universal truth. Some of the information has to do with ways to control the environment. When we say control the environment, we do not mean for negative or greedy purposes, but we are talking about knowledge that will keep the environment balanced. What is now known as the Indian Rain Dance is a current version of the ancient knowledge of how to control the environment.

Now you can see that if that type of information went into the minds of people who would use it for manipulation, it could cause a lot of damage. The basic idea of the information has to do with maintaining oneness with the environment. It has to do with walking as one with the Earth, and it has to do with the harnessing of Earth's power. The Earth is a powerful being indeed, more powerful than any of your nuclear reactors. If that energy were harnessed and used for negative purposes, it would mean the destruction of your planet, so that knowledge is buried deep within the Native peoples.

This does not mean that none of you carry it. At this point, the races and the different peoples on your planet have intermixed very much. Each of you has some of this knowledge within you. Some of you have, perhaps, a little bit more than others. Imagine all this knowledge as one big jigsaw puzzle, and imagine that each of you has separate pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. The knowledge will be unlocked when all of your pieces come together. And so, in that sense, there is a built-in safety mechanism. When you come to places like Sedona, that inner knowledge you carry gets activated.

Sedona is one of the places that can activate that inner knowledge strongly. There is one thing that all of you will realize when you leave Sedona, even if you're not conscious of it. That one thing is that you will feel more connected to or more a part of the Earth. You will take a little piece of Sedona with you when you leave, and it will help you to maintain your Earth connection. Please know that what you are exposed to in present-day Native American philosophy is different from that of the ancient days, but locked deep within the present-day information is the ancient information. So we ask you to be conscious of being a living extension of the Earth. Be a part of the Earth more than you ever have before. When you become part of the Earth, you resonate at a certain frequency that matches the Earth's vibration; then a doorway opens between you and the Earth. When that doorway opens the ancient knowledge is passed to you. The vibration of the Earth's energy helps to trigger that knowledge which is within you.

The Doorway Will Open

What we are about to say may sound like a paradox. It was very important that humans got further and further away from the land, over time. By getting further away from being one with the land, you've actually been protecting the ancient information which can be activated only when you're one with the Earth, for that's when the doorway opens. But that cycle is now beginning to come to a close. More and more people are beginning to feel drawn to the Earth, and as they do so, they begin matching their vibrations with those of the Earth. Then the doorway will open. But the doorway will not open until the planet is ready for the knowledge.

As that doorway opens, you're going to notice several things. You're going to notice more and more people feeling inexplicably drawn to places where there is a lot of land or earth. You may find more and more people moving from the cities. You're also going to notice more respect for the Earth. These things are beginning to happen now. There's a very strong environmental concern on your planet. You're seeing people be very concerned about recycling. This is saying that you're now coming back closer to the Earth. As you begin respecting the Earth more, you will be feeling inner energy even more strongly, and that door will start opening a little bit.

You're also going to notice a change in the consciousness of your people. They will become less focused on their immediate world and become more focused on the world as a whole. All of these things are beginning to happen. This is an indication that you're beginning to open the doorway. You're also going to find an even stronger interest in Native American studies or indigenous peoples' studies, let us say. That will be another way to get your people back to the land. The growth that you experience goes into the mass consciousness and helps the whole, so even though this seems like a personal journey for you, you are also being of service. When you spend time being close to the Earth and tell your friends about it, they too will be touched. Even the person who sits next to you on the subway will somehow, even in a small way, be benefitted. This is how the union of your planet will be brought about - by each of you following your own vision quest.

So we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the gifts that you are giving your Earth and the mass consciousness. The energy at play is very healing. When you are hiking and you're laughing and you're banging your drums and you're having fun, that is tremendously healing.

We would like to take this opportunity to open the discussion for questions.

I am really glad to hear what you are saying about reconnecting to the Earth, opening the doorway to the Earth. I'm overwhelmed with emotions because I have been receiving visions about the knowledge. I was meditating when a vision of a green meadow in America came to my mind. The words "Great Spirit" came to my mind and the American way in harmony with Mother Nature was in my mind, too. I feel that I was a Native American Indian in a past life.

The vision of the green field was a way for you to begin resonating with the Earth. That experience was specifically orchestrated by your higher self in order to allow you to begin matching your vibration with the vibration of the Earth. Once you match your vibration with that of the Earth, you're naturally going to have recollections of other lives or experiences when your vibration was matched to the Earth's. So you were preparing yourself to open up and receive even more knowledge of your past. These past-life feelings come from your higher self, from the Earth, from many different places.

We'll suggest an exercise for you. When you're doing ceremony, close your eyes for a moment and pretend to think of another time when you did something very similar. Let yourself play again. What you receive will be the emotion of another life, an Indian life. Pretend that you can feel the emotion you might have felt hundreds of years ago. That's going to help to open the doors, too.

I read somewhere that there are other types of crystals that were used as healing crystals in Lemuria. Are those different from the seed crystals?

A seed crystal is like a computer. The laser wand crystals do not so much hold data as transform energy. If you were using a laser wand crystal to heal someone, when you put it over the person, it would draw out negativity, transmute that negative energy and give it back to the person as positive, healing energy. That is one way to use it. Crystals are the types of tools that will work with you through your imagination, so you can direct them to do whatever you'd like them to do.

So the seed crystals are totally different from laser crystals?

Well, they have an almost identical molecular structure. The main difference is on the meta-atomic level, so by sight, you may not be able to tell the difference, but intuition could tell you.

Are seed crystals being discovered in the world and are there many of them?

Sometimes you will go into a crystal shop and find a seed crystal. They are rare.

Is there any way to distinguish a seed crystal from ordinary crystals?

They have a frosty look, and it's hard to tell whether it's on the surface or if it penetrates all the way through. They look like frosty ice.

Does this mean that the crystal is not transparent but cloudy inside?

It's not what you would consider cloudy quartz, when you would think that the inside is cloudy. The seed crystals look almost like they're cloudy on the surface and they feel different. They're rougher.

I have heard that some ancient civilizations used devices that would constitute a computer, in present terms. Were they using seed crystals in order store information?

They were using a similar type of crystal. There are just some very slight differences. The crystals used as seed crystals are programmed to give off the information in a different way or on a different frequency from those used simply for data storage. When seed crystals release information to other crystals, they have to release it at a certain frequency - almost like on a radio dial - so that the other crystals can pick it up and then incorporate the information. The other crystals operate on a slightly different frequency.

You're speaking of seed crystals, sometimes available in crystal shops, that have been seeded by some other consciousness, is this correct?


We're speaking of Lemurians, correct?

Yes, but Atlanteans also. There are Atlantean and Lemurian seed crystals.

Could these seed crystals that are rather small actually be seeded with access codes that would allow access to the large seed crystals that are not yet discovered or are still buried? In other words, need they contain all the knowledge themselves?

Very good. The answer to that is yes. The smaller seed crystals can have a certain frequency password that can allow the user to gain access to the "mainframe," the larger crystals deep within the Earth that store all the data. One uses the small crystals to open a doorway to the large crystals, kind of like getting information out of mainframe databanks by using your personal computer to go into them with a password.

Now you will like this. The place that you call Shambhala holds these huge, what we would call mainframe, crystals.

I felt a lot of energy around Cathedral Rock, but when I first went to Bell Rock, I felt a blockage of energy and I felt the same way yesterday. Is it because I have a problem that I could not get the energy from Bell Rock?

We would say that Bell Rock is the masculine and Cathedral Rock represents the feminine. Your feminine energy, or your inner female, was like a hungry sponge when you went to Cathedral Rock. It sucked up all of that feminine energy. You've been traveling for such a long time and using a lot of masculine energy. The Earth will always give you what you need, so you were being fed the feminine energy. Because you've been using so much of your masculine energy over the past month, your vibration was matched to Bell Rock so you really didn't notice a big difference.

The energy of Bell Rock is best accessed through physical movement, whereas the energy of the other vortex are best accessed through meditation.

Very good point, yes. We would agree.

So, it's best to climb Bell Rock.

Some people, like the channel, who just sit on Bell Rock find the energy too intense. She needs to move in order to move the energy through.

I would like to know why the people in this group got together.

Well, you've made journeys similar to this before. It may seem like somewhat of an esoteric answer, but when you travel with certain people, the combination of your energies can act as a key to unlock a door. If all of you think about each other and the journeys you've taken around the planet with one other person, you have literally formed a network of your energy around the planet. It's as if you have paved a road around the planet. As the road gets paved and you walk along it, separately or together, you're going to be performing a lot more service for the planet than you realize. You've all traveled together as Native Americans. That's pretty obvious. But when you traveled together back then, you were seekers. You were young on the path. This time, though you may disagree with us, you're not those young seekers. You are, in this journey, giving back what was given to you so long ago. You don't have to do anything specific to accomplish this. By simply being your natural self and being joyful, you are returning the gift.

A Life Shared Long Ago

Just to satisfy your curiosity a little bit, we've just gotten an interesting story to tell you. We perceive a life, perhaps 1,200 years ago in this area, or more accurately in the Grand Canyon. All of you were Native American and you had gone down deep within the canyon for your journey and then followed what is now called the Colorado River. We perceive that you were fairly young. The particular tribe that you belonged to allowed a vision quest to occur when children entered adolescence, but this type of vision quest you didn't do alone. You did it with those close to you. And so all of you went on this vision quest.

We see you sitting by a fire. You are sitting up against a wall in the canyon. The picture is very clear. We see one of you poking the fire with a stick. You are very emotional. You are almost crying. You are thanking the Great Spirit for bringing all of you together. You are feeling that if you died right at that moment, you would have lived a full, rich life. All of you agree and it becomes very emotional. It was then that the gratitude welled up within you so very strongly. All of you vowed that someday you would give back to the universe that which was given to you. That's what you're doing now.

But, we'll tell you a little secret. You enjoy doing it so much that you've done it a couple more times also, in a couple of different lives. There are two who are not here now who were there then. Those two are not alive now, but they are serving as guides for all of you.

Can you tell us who those two people are who are serving as guides now?

Do you mean in the form they are in now, as they serve as guides? First of all, we will say one thing about guides. Their appearance really doesn't matter to them, so they will take an appearance that is meaningful for you. We see one of these two people very clearly. He's taking the form of a very old Indian man. In the lifetime we were just telling you about, he was there with you around the fire as a young man. Later, in that life, he became Medicine Man. He was with each of you in that life when you died, and he led you into the other world. So he lived longer than the rest of you lived. As each of you died, he communed with your spirits and he made a promise that he would always be connected to you. You may call him Thunder Bear.

Were we Hopi back then?

We would say that you were a tribe that was connected to the Hopi, yes. The Hopi tribe has often split itself off into other groups. But we would say of all the tribes that we could name, Hopi would be the closest.

I have been intuitively feeling a connection with Lazaris and Babaji while making this journey. These two entities that you mention who are serving as spirit guides for this journey, are they connected to those beings?

There is a connection, but we'd have to describe it. Lazaris is a group consciousness, like what you call Germane. Even though you can represent Babaji as a person, we would call the Babaji consciousness a group, as well. Those two energy consciousnesses have strong connections to Lemuria, for they were some of the guiding forces who helped to preserve information. And so, as you are beginning to access that information, it's very likely that you would be attracted to Lazaris or Babaji. All of you will attract to you the entities that you have connections to from the past.

I would like to know about that particular vision of which you just spoke. I have a feeling that all the people who joined were boys. Were there any women or girls who took part in the vision quest?

You are right that they were all male, yes. However, if you remember, we said there were two who are not here with you now and we told you about one of them who is manifesting as the old Indian guide. The other was the twin sister of one of you. She was a sickly person and she could not go on these types of outings. At least traditionally, the journeys were either for all women or all men. But she wanted to be with you very badly. So she projected herself to you through her consciousness while you were making the journey. In a sense she was with you, but not physically. There was a very strong bond between you. And so she, as the second guide, is appearing to you as a young Indian woman. You may refer to her as Little Deer. She was called Little Deer because she was so frail.

When we were walking in the ruins today, you said that there was a deer in the area, and I would really like to see a deer. I think that had something to do with this spirit guide.


I would like to place crystals in an area where they would help to release the ancient knowledge that has been buried.

Well, here's an exercise for you. When all of you were Native Americans, you were always taught or you always knew to read the signs of nature to know when it was appropriate to do something. Tomorrow, take one or two of those crystals with you, and be aware of the signs from the universe that will tell you when it is time to bury the crystal. The sign will be manifested in nature somehow. It might be an intriguing formation of rocks or it might be the sighting of an animal. Become the Indian that you are, and you will know where to put it. We sense that you may come in contact with one or two places that will be appropriate. We can't give you more information than that, since it is your vision.

I used to expend a lot of energy trying to force things to happen, but I found it was not necessary. Just being myself and being one with the universe is all I need to do. I was really overwhelmed with emotion when I became aware that I am indeed God.

Yes, you've just opened that doorway a little further.

Earlier tonight we were telling you how certain people who were alive in Lemuria volunteered to go underground to wait until the Earth changes subsided and then emerge. Some people emerged in Sedona, some in the Mt. Shasta area of California, some emerged in the Himalayas, some in Britain, and some in Peru. There is a very complex series of underground tunnels that run between some of these areas.

There is an underground tunnel connecting Peru and the Himalayas?

Yes. It is in existence but it is camouflaged.

We often hear a story about Shambhala existing underground. Are these tunnels similar to the idea of Shambhala?

Yes, the Shambhala would be considered, to use an analogy, the train station that connects all the tunnels.

Are the tunnels completely intact? Are they maintained?

Some of them disintegrated, but there are primary ones that are still in existence and are maintained by those living underneath them.

Why were the tunnels built and who built them?

To some degree, they were not built, but naturally formed.

So they are like natural, connecting underground caverns?

Yes, and to be more specific, when a planet is formed they often leave connecting points between vortex areas. The best way to describe this would be as follows. Let's say you have a planet that's just being formed and it's very hot and it's spinning rapidly. As the energy of that planet begins to be formed, natural vortex areas appear, or energy fields are formed. If a vortex point forms here, there will always be one on the opposite side, as well, so those vortex points are energetically connected. They're connected through the Earth.

So as the planet was forming, the Earth formed around those vortex points which are natural tunnels leading from one point to another. When a planet forms, there are nearly always natural tunnels that connect major energy centers. So they are natural, yes, but they've been maintained all the time.

If vortex points shift on your planet, then some of the old tunnels may disintegrate.

But if we go into the belly of the planet, the pressure will change and the temperature will become hotter. What will the effect of those conditions be?

You are never meant to go into those tunnels in this vibrational thinking. When we talk about the journeys you've taken through the tunnels, we speak of times when you were not of this frequency. Your frequency was very different. It was more accelerated. Things like that do not affect an entity who is more accelerated in his vibration. Also, some of those tunnels are not as deep as you would think they are. They are probably only in the mantle part of the Earth and that is about as thick as the shell of an egg is in relation to the entire egg. It is, relatively speaking, a very, very thin area.

But that seems contrary to what you said about the tunnels connecting energy points on the other side of the planet.

Yes, it is often difficult to describe this because it does entail some interdimensional movement. This will be challenging, but let me try. It may be a discussion on gravity. Your perceptions of reality are very much connected to the Earth's gravitational field. When you change your relationship to the Earth's gravitational field, you change your perceptions of reality. As you enter the Earth, you're changing your relationship to the gravitational field. It becomes much more interdimensional. It's not linear, so if you try to think of it as linear, as if you'd be going through the very hot center of the Earth, it wouldn't make sense. But the definitions of time and space become different when you enter the Earth.

Perhaps you might have heard of Admiral Byrd, who supposedly flew his plane into the tunnels of the Earth. He saw so many things that should not have been there because when he entered the Earth, he disconnected from the relationship of time and space as you know them on the surface. So his experiences cannot be looked at with your perception of reality. It won't "fit."

In a sense, going into the Earth and going out into space are the same thing. It basically means that you change your perception of time and space. We hope that was not too complicated.

So if an entity could pass through the underground tunnels, would that entity be a highly evolved being?

Not necessarily. We could say alternate life forms. Their reality is very different from yours. Different does not necessarily mean superior. You move through air and fish move through water in your reality. There are different rules for different environments. There have been some negatively oriented groups who have attempted to use these tunnels. The higher your vibration, the more easily you will be able to access the tunnels. A more negatively oriented being could not pass from one point to another.

In all structures that have a shell such as the Earth, the vortexes will have the most direct relationship with each other across the crust, not through the center of the Earth. For instance if you set off a nuclear bomb on one part of the Earth, the shock waves will travel around the crust and meet on the other side more quickly than they will travel through the planet. So the vortexes have their relationship to each other through the medium of the crust, not through the molten center of the Earth. Now, I don't want to make an absolute statement, but the relationship we're talking about that allowed the tunnel system to be formed occurs through the crust. It is the nature of a sphere.

I heard that the energy grid system that we used to have is changing, that Earth is now forming a new grid system. Is this so?

Yes, this is so. The journeys that all of you make are helping to change the grid.

So am I correct in saying that the location of the vortexes will not change but the location of the grids will change?

First, let's say that in the past the vortex locations have changed because a lot of it has to do with the tilt of the Earth on its axis. So it's possible that they can change, but we don't perceive a high probability that they will unless your Earth makes a dramatic shift on its axis. The way that the grid is changing can be explained as follows.

We like to talk about this grid as being like a tapestry that's wrapped around your planet. Imagine that this tapestry has a very simple design on it. What is happening is that the tapestry is going from a simple design to a more complex one, so it's allowing more of the facets of who all of you are to be seen, or reflected, in the grid, in the tapestry.

We wish you magnificent dreams this night. Much love to each of you and good night.

Note: This session appeared in the June, 1993 edition of The Sedona Journal of Emergence.

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