July 25, 1993
Payson, Arizona
Sasha Through Lyssa Royal
private session

We would like to talk about finance, but from a very different angle. Thousands and thousands of years ago, during the time the Sumerian texts talk about, the "gods" were here on Earth mining gold. They were also mining other metals and other materials.

Early humankind was formed then. What we mean by that is that when you have a child, there are certain formative years and it is during those years that you can insert belief systems in the child that they will then carry their entire life. We are talking about the life of a species here. And in the infancy of your species, there were many ideas inserted into humankind by your ET forefathers that you are still carrying today. Some of these belief systems are perpetuating your own difficulties in your societal and governmental structures.

Way back, the early humans began to see that the gods were very intent on hoarding the most valuable substance on your planet -- gold. This lesson was imprinted in the soul of the infant species man. Throughout time you have played this out. If you look at the hysteria of the Spanish and Portugese going to South America and Mexico and those areas and taking the gold from the Aztecs and Incas. They melted it down even though it had valuable information carved in the gold! It was an insatiable hunger that man had for gold. This was a playing out of what was instilled in Homo sapiens as a child species way back when.

The gods considered gold so precious for several reasons. One has to do with its properties. It is a wonderful conductor of electricity. It is one of the best conductors on your planet. So in terms of electronics, it is sought after. That is more technical however. The ET "gods" at that time used gold as a form of money. They also used it for technical equipment. It was also used in healing techniques. It was one of those all-purpose substances. Beyond that, on the esoteric level, this desire for gold by your forefathers was given to them by THEIR forefathers. Gold is a universal substance.

Question: Maybe those ETs were in debt to other members of their society just like we are here. Is that true?

That is correct. It is a chain of debt and family dysfunction. There are other, almost mystical reasons for your forefathers' hunger for gold. These reasons would not necessarily make sense for us to explain them now. Later, perhaps. Simply, their desire for gold was a compulsion because of a belief they had. We will deal with that at some future time. This desire for gold is almost like the passing of alcoholism from generation to generation.

Most of the value of gold will have to do with its properties. Because of its atomic structure, it is able to be manipulated in ways that other substances are not. Throughout time there has been the myths of alchemy where lead is changed to gold. There are some energetic dimensional doorways in the atomic structure of gold that allow for it to be manipulated in certain ways to allow its value to increase. It is quite malleable on an atomic level. Right now, most of the people on Earth do not understand its technology -- luckily -- at that level. There are some people in secret societies who do understand how malleable the gold atom is and who are attempting to hook back into this interdimensional doorway in order to gain their own sense of power. So far, at least in terms of humans, it has not been successful. But there are, even now, still some ET groups who are still mining gold on your planet very covertly.

One of the most important things that we would like you to understand is that the desire for gold is habitual. Most people who are pursuing the gold even today in a compulsive way do not know why they do it. After lifetimes of reincarnation in the same type of mind set, they have lost touch with why they do it.

The high value of gold has not changed on your planet. The substance of value has not switched to diamonds or another substance. This gold fixation has been steady on Earth since the Sumerian times! That will indicate to you that there is something going on at a much deeper level.

In terms of what is happening now on Earth, we are certainly not going to tell you there are major crises going on that you must prepare for. However, what we would like to express is how important it is for all of you to learn to become self-sufficient in whatever way you can. This is not to "protect" yourself. Rather, the more self-sufficient you become, the less strain you put on the system. This way, the system can go through its transformation with the least amount of drama. The more dependent you are on the system, the more you use the system out of fear and then drain it. That makes the transformation more difficult because the system has too many dependents.

Our recommendation for those of you who are able and excited to do this is as follows. As time goes on, if you wish to make investments, it be made in something tangible -- meaning real estate, land, gold, silver, platinum, whatever. Those are things where you actually get a physical exchange for your wealth. It preserves wealth in times of economic instability. That is the bottom line. Also, when you put your wealth into something tangible, something happens inside of you on a very deep level. Throughout time (as the debt system grew), you have come to not understand the meaning of value. Value has always changed. One dollar is only as valuable as how much bread it can buy you. You have not had a sense of stable value in your lives. You've not had a sense of your own wealth because the money itself is simply paper--no longer backed by gold or anything. You have lost touch with the nature of value.

When you start putting your wealth into tangible things, things that can carry you through change, you get a sense of the value of your wealth. You get a sense of the value of yourself. You get a sense of the value of your ability to generate wealth. Internally, this changes you. Internally it frees you more and more from the dependency on the system. And one of the most important things we would suggest during this time of instability is that you, in all levels of your life, learn to become less dependent. Learn to be less dependent on your mates, your parents, your government, your economy. If you are less dependent, you take the strain off. If you take the strain off, then the system itself can transform with the least amount of birth pangs. This will benefit you. It will benefit the system, and it will help you gain a sense of yourself and your abilitites on a very deep level that goes beyond the intellect. This is a very internal personal thing that we cannot describe. You will feel very different. And you will see miraculous changes.

This is a suggestion. Follow your intuition. If, in your fear, you become more dependent on the system, then you are going to experience chaos. The system cannot sustain that many dependents. It will burn out. To some degree, that is what happened in Russia.

Your most ancient texts, like the Bible, talk about the evils of usury. (Meaning lending money at interest). These texts say that usury is the beginning of a chain that leads to destruction. Our suggestion is not to borrow money at interest -- the process itself is based on fictional wealth and is really just a gamble. It promotes disharmony within any system. But everyone has their own choice and it is up to you to decide what is right for you.

The ideal circumstance is to pay off all your debts and stop borrowing. That will take the strain off the system and off of you. It will free your wealth to be ultimately used in other directions.

Question: If everyone became debt-free, that would really hurt the international bankers, wouldn't it?

Yes. You cannot corrupt a system that is based on individual self-responsibility. You can only corrupt a system that, by its nature, has dependency interwoven into it. This is why, throughout time, just about every government in your world has had some level of corruption. The government takes responsibility AWAY from the people. Then, they become one interdependent system. Or, shall we say, they become a "co-dependent" system that eventually leads to total dysfunction and collapse. You cannot corrupt a system based on total self-responsibility.

When you have your wealth in tangible things (and do not rely on someone else to "lose" so you can "gain"), then your wealth is clean, cannot be taken from you, and you change inside. If you want to keep playing the games of borrowing and lending, by all means do it but recognize that you may be adding to the strain and helping to create a system collapse. It is a gamble.

We have talked a lot in the past about community. The whole idea about community is not separation. It is integration. We are not talking about hoarding your tangible weath, hiding it, and living alone. No! In a community of entirely self-responsible individuals, no one lives in fear that someone can take something away from them. You naturally reach out to your neighbor then not from duty, but from love. Those types of environments are more wealthy and productive and happy than environments that are based on hoarding your own personal wealth and being afraid that it will be taken from you.

In my Pleiadian community, we do not have wealth in the same way you do. But we did come from having wealth in the past and moving into community. I am speaking from my society's experience, so there are other ways to do it. Humans do tend (when left alone to naturally do it) to manifest things in a very Pleiadian way. But you resist it!

Question: Are there Pleiadians who are wealthier than other Pleiadians? Do some people have a bigger ship?

Well, we don't perceive that as wealth.

Question: Well, who owns the biggest ships?

The people who want to. Wealth only has a meaning when you feel lack. It is just a matter of polarity. If you can have everything you want whenever you want it, then where does the definition of wealth fit in? There can be no wealth. Wealth is only a measure of lack. Wealth is a measure of what you have against what you or others don't have. In a society such as mine (which is based on a system that we call the "Equal Value System"), because everyone can have whatever they want when they want it and there is a surplus of product, there is no definition of wealth. There is no such thing.

Question: Can societies lesser advanced than you have the same system?

Absolutely, no question. But it can't happen now on your planet while you are in the present level of fear. If one day the President of your world said, "Okay, from now on we have the Pleiadian Equal Value System." There would be tremendous hoarding because you would not believe you deserve it. You would feel like you would have to "get" as much as you could before someone changes their mind. Technologically, you could create this. Emotionally, you are not at this point yet. There is too much invested in lack. There is too much invested in the belief of the haves and have nots in your world. There needs to be more internal transformation until you can embrace the Pleiadian Equal Value system or your own version of equal distribution of wealth which is not communism.

Please do not take this as an insult about your society. Obviously this game of lack and wealth still serves you, otherwise you would not be playing it. So in that, there is value. When you move toward the idea that we were just talking to you about regarding being self-responsible, holding your wealth in tangible ways and living in a community lifestyle, that is the precursor to the Pleidian Equal Value System. When you are in a community where everyone is self-responsible, you naturally share what you have with others. You know that they will naturally share what they have with you -- not out of a sense of obligation or a communistic credo, but simply because you care about each other. That is the seed which begins germinating the Pleiadian Equal Value System.

Many of you are crying out for a new way. You are also feeling drawn to being around other people. It is almost as if you are tired of creating boundaries around you. You are tired of building a brick wall.

Speaking of investments, another thing that is good to invest in is yourself. Learn a skill, or create something that can be bartered. That is a tangible investment. Usury (borrowing and lending at interest) is what has caused all the problems in your current system. Your government is in debt to foreign creditors. Everyone is in debt to someone. This is all because somewhere down the line, usury began to be used. In the most sacred religious texts on Earth, it has been one of the biggest evils! It is through the door of usury that much corruption happens.

If you become more self-responsible and affiliate yourself with others who are choosing the same, you will always have what you need when you need it. Always. It is a very different way to live. Eventually, this can be one of the roads that leads to the Pleiadian Equal Value System.

For those of you who do not know what we are talking about regarding the Pleiadian Equal Value System, it is very simple. It may even sound too simplistic. Everything in our society is equal to everything else. We'll use an analogy. I can go into a "supermarket" and get my groceries. I won't purchase them, I'll simply walk out with them. However, whenever someone comes to me for my service, I give them my service. This allows everyone on my planet to do what excites them and not worry that they can't make a living at it.

Your value system now is totally arbitrary. In community, those arbitrary values go out the window. You can't keep changing them to suit your purposes. We view our planet as one wholistic unit. Once we were speaking to someone about this and they were very critical. They said, "Well, who is taking out the garbage, since no one could possible be excited to do that?" No, no one is excited to take out the garbage. However, there have been plenty of people (inventors) who were very excited to invent a device to get rid of the garbage! That is a symptom of a wholistic organism. Where there is a need, there is someone to fulfill the need. This is how our society works. We know this is very alien to you. Look at how many hungry inventors there are on your world who want to invent alternate fuel sources. There are people who want to invent new forms of waste disposal. There are so many people who want to invent things to take away the displeasing things that you have to deal with.

If you suddenly let go of your definitions and your rigid constraints and learned to follow your excitement every day, you would create this! It is just a matter of time until you do. Right now there are still too many people hoarding power, money, and living in fear.

One of my deepest wishes is that some day all of you will come to my world either physically or in the dreamstate and get a sense of how we live. Can you really imagine the implications of what we are saying?

It has been a pleasure to talk with you as usual. I send my love and best wishes for your continued evolution.

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