Changing Worlds

We are not aiming at changing the person in front of us. There is nothing wrong with her. There is nothing wrong with anybody else for that matter.

We are helping the client change her world. Her world is probably not the way she wants it and that is what we will assist her in rectifying.

This is an important distinction. We don't treat people, we don't do anything to them. We don't intend to make any claims of how we have changed people.

Also, this indicates a key truth about what is needed to accomplish change. You can't change something you are being. You need to be separate from something in order to affect it to be different. Therefore, per definition, the person can not change. The person can only change what she finds in her space. The dividing line between what a person is and what she can perceive is, however, fluid.


- Make a diagram of this. Show how the person is distinguished from her world.

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