Path Construction Kit

This training manual is about helping people on their journey through life. Particularly it is about helping them to follow a path towards increased clarity, ability and awareness.

There is no one RIGHT path. This manual is NOT about teaching you what the one and only correct way is.

All paths are different. If they weren't, there wouldn't be much point in following them. You are not just trying to get to where somebody else went. You are making your own unique journey that will bring something new and unique into the world.

There are certain elements that are common to all paths. There are certain universal principles that will support one's progress. There are certain techniques that speed up one's travel. There are certain general subjects that are common to everybody.

This manual is a construction kit for paths. It contains elements that are useful for a facilitator who assists people with their personal development. It allows the facilitator to suggest directions and steps to the client, to tailor an individualized path to the client, or simply to assist her wherever she is going.

In particular, this manual, and the accompanying General Module manual, provide a collection of general processing modules. These modules are prepared collections of procedures or subjects that address certain areas of interest to most people.

A module is not THE way of resolving the area in question. The module is really just a loose framework. It gives the facilitator something to go by, to jog your memory or to inspire you, and to keep you on course. There are a lot of blanks to fill in, it is not a robotic step-by-step thing. It gives you a plan, even at times when neither you nor the client feel very inspired in knowing what should be addressed.

The collection of modules forms a loose framework. It is not expected that one goes through all the modules, and they don't form any linear scheme where they have to be in a certain order.

The list of modules is simply a menu of subjects to choose from. The client chooses, with your assistance. If the client already has a hot subject, we will work on that, rather than offering her generalities from a menu. Whenever we run out of obvious things to do, we continue with the chosen module, or the client chooses another one from the menu.

Once a module has been chosen, we will stay with it while it is still interesting. In between, we might take up whatever becomes a hot item in the person's daily life, but the module will always be what we fall back to.

Some clients might have a preference for making a long term plan. In that case you can plan out modules in the order that most seems to fit her priorities and go about it like that. Don't expect it to hold, though. The most important thing is to address people where they are at right now, rather than following an arbitrary plan. Their path is a path of discovery, we are finding out what it is along the way.

You already have a bag of tools that allow you to deal with areas that need handling. To this we are adding principles and techniques for engineering long term progress. And we are adding a collection of general modules that help you to systematically find and handle stuff the person hasn't even thought of yet.

Your mission is now, not only to handle whatever your client offers for handling, but to guide her into looking in places she hadn't thought of looking, and to assist her into a continuos journey of self-discovery.

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