Astral Noise

There is a variety of phenomena that can add up to the perception of having a lot of activity or noise around, or a general fog, or confusion, whichever way we choose to express it. An ongoing mental clatter you become aware of without quite knowing what it is about.

An effective way of dealing with this is by tracking down and processing entities of different kinds. We can go by the model that it is those entities who are producing the noise and we need to find out what is going on.

Where exactly those entities are, and What exactly they are, can be the subject of arguments. They seem to be more than merely mental constructs. They often appear shared between different people. Changing them sometimes changes things for other people or in the physical universe. They often appear to have an independent existence. Some might be completely independent people in and of themselves. Or, even something bigger.

We could say that they are mostly astral, and that is probably not too far off. They are mostly not physical, but they do have some bearing on what is going on physically, to a higher or lesser degree. We can sometimes interact with them as if they were physical, but that is in a space where everything is more thin and tractable.

We basically start with a perception that there is "stuff" in one's space. There is something there that is doing or saying something. That might be the initial complaint of a client, or it might be the intermediary result of some line of questioning.

We can take several approaches in terms of entity handlings, depending on the nature of the stuff we find. These are the main approaches I can think of:

- Transferred energy. Well, you might not even have to get into entity handlings at all. Maybe just treating the phenomenon as some energy left behind by somebody else, and clearing it off might do it. You might have had a conversation with somebody and just feeling a little fog around you after that. Recognizing that and brushing the energy off of you, or doing a visualization of cleansing your space with white light, that might very well do it, and your space is clear again.

- Single entities. If you find what appears as a single entity you would find out what it is doing, or what its story is. Help it realize its basic purpose and develop more freedom of choices. This could for example be a single entity being an illness in the stomach.

- Entity networks. Tracking down multiple entities connected together in specific ways. Some might be holding each other in a hierarchy or organization of some sort, or they might just have an interdependence. It would be important to get the whole network, particularly the nodes holding the others in place. Conflicts need to be sorted out and everybody needs to have their power of choice back. An entity network could for example be acting out Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs, or it could be an accident scene with a victim, a driver, the cops, a crashed car, etc. It doesn't have to make much sense, and it doesn't have to correspond to any particular incident.

- Game crowd. There is a group there with some kind of common purpose. They are supposedly playing the same game, but not otherwise tied closely together. They might have all kinds of other disagreements. We just notice that there seems to be a crowd there, or there is supposed to be a crowd and we need to collect it first. The technique is to get all of them paying attention at the same time, and getting them to process their disagreements and conflicts and so forth. The end result is a group clarity, a regained unity, so they can go on playing the game or decide to call it quits.

- Constructed creations. There is some kind of device or machinery there that apparently has been co-created by multiple creators. We would need to first find out what it is, and then get hold of the co-creators. If the creation needs to be changed or dismantled, the co-creators need to agree on that and cooperate. A constructed creation could for example be some machinery set up to help a bunch of people with telepathic communication. But it might be old and run down, so we would need to find out how it works and either get it into good working order, or get rid of it.

- Agents. There might simply be your personal units of consciousness that has been spread around for various purposes. You might through time have sent out parts of yourself to keep track of things, or to influence people in various ways. These parts might range from simple viewpoints to full clones of yourself. All of these you would basically want to be in touch with, get into good rapport with them, find out if what they do is valuable, if they have something to report and so forth. You might want to reprogram them, or recall them, or set them free, or whatever.

- Archetypes. There might be certain personality types that have become part of the mass consciousness to the degree that they will exist as real beings. Like, Santa Claus, The Devil, or stuff like the characters from tarot cards. They might be useful to stay in touch with or ask for information.

- Universe crew. You might run into beings apparently running the machinery of the physical universe. Entities keeping the winds blowing, the planets turning, the galaxies expanding. Beings with really large perspectives doing big important things. Not just natural functions, but anything that it takes to keep a universe running. Like gods. Or, game makers, umpires and referees in the game of life. Well, if that is so, you better get along with them. Get any information you can and make sure to establish a good rapport.

- Alternative selves. You might come into contact with versions of the person in alternate dimensions, or from the past or the future. Not just memories, but actual complete individuals. The main thing is to open up communication and exchange information and get used to each other. There might be some fear to overcome. One might have some resources that the other doesn't have.

These last few types can hardly be called just noise, of course. They need to be treated with respect. However, one might very well first become aware of these things by being distracted by some kind of commotion in one's space.

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