Game Crowd

There is a phenomenon of running into a group of consciousness units that appear to have a common game of some sort. They might be your own viewpoints, they might be actual other people, they might be various artifacts of a game, thought forms and so forth. They might at first simply be perceived as a disorderly crowd. Maybe you just have a buzzing fog in some area of your space.

It might also be that one can surmise that there ought to be a crowd there, but it isn't quite there. Maybe there used to be all these people playing this game, or sharing interest in this subject, but somehow the thing got scattered. Like, the guys you used to hang out with. Or, the participants in a galactic war a million years ago.

Maybe there is a subject of common interest that you know a lot of beings have attention on, but they haven't by themselves figured out to work together as a group and share their interest. Like, all tax payers, fans of Moody Blues, or recovering alcoholics in your city. It can be a positively or negatively oriented subject, it would work the same.

Maybe it is a new subject that you would like to create a group around. Maybe you think up a new game, like, "Lots of people being interested in a book that I will write". You would then get the attention of a bunch of prospective participants and see if they can be interested in uniting as that kind of a group.

What we are talking about here is addressing this as an astral phenomenon. Or, as an imaginary visualization if you will, but really we must assume that it is more than that. This approach can have effects spanning much wider than your own personal reactions.

We are not talking about going out to the park and standing up on a soap box shouting at people. But we are talking about the astral or telepathic equivalent of doing that. You will shout up some beings in a psychic space, and you will treat them as a group. You will get them to unite, sort out any discord, or disband, whatever is appropriate.

So, you are starting either with a subject or with some other common identifier, like a certain area in space. You are putting attention on that area.

Then you intend to communicate with all beings associated with that area.

You get their attention by telepathically sending out a greeting, such as:


They need to all be allowed to answer. Be sure to get everyone's attention and having them all answer.

Get them to express any reasons why they might not want to communicate or might not want to be helped or processed.

"Why don't you want to be helped?"

Allow them all to answer and give them time to state all the reasons. Repeat the question as necessary.

Ask for any upsets, conflicts, anything they did they shouldn't have, anything they ought to say, any expectations that haven't been fulfilled, and any other hang-ups that might appear necessary to resolve. That might be issues with you, or issues between each other.

For anything that comes up, get the specifics as necessary in order to resolve it.

Get any traumatic incidents they might have experienced as a group, or any other significant events or imprints that they might have in common.

Ask for anything that they have in common, that they agree on, that their basic intentions is:

"What do you all want?"
"What do you have in common as a group?"

Allow them all to recognize that they do have common purposes and are part of the same group.

The main overall action here is to get all of these fragments or beings or viewpoints back into good communication, both with the client and with each other. Whatever it takes to do this is fine. To do that the person needs to encompass them all in her space, get their attention, and allow whatever needs to be worked out to be worked out.

They need to realize that they have a power of choice as to what to do. They need to realize that they are individual. They also need to realize that they are part of a group and know what the game is in the group.

This is not a mechanical, mental thing. It is not so much that you have to go through the specific steps and figure anything out about them. It is more like a meditation, taking these different entities into your space and allowing connection to take place.

When the group has some sense of commonality it should decide whether to go ahead or to cease to exist.

If the group is no longer needed or appropriate, it can be taken apart. That is basically done by each member realizing that the overall group event no longer exists or no longer is needed. They need to come to present time and realize that they are separate and have an independent power of choice. They then need to put their attention elsewhere. Some might go and get into another game. Some might return to whoever is responsible for them. Some might cease to exist, as their mission is complete.

As part of this there might be parts returning to our client. She might have invested parts of herself into that game or group. If that is no longer necessary the parts can rejoin her.

If the group is being disbanded, various elements of different kinds might be left around needing various types of handlings. There might be individual entities that need to be processes, etc. The idea is to clean up and return everything to somewhere where it fits best.

If the group or game is to remain in existence, the idea is to maintain good communication and not let it fragment. The overall group might form a group gestalt that you can agree to remain in good rapport with. It might keep you informed or seek your input or simply be responsive to you.

No matter which way we go, the idea is to establish more harmony and clarity.


- Processing a game crowd

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