Constructed Creations

One might encounter various kinds of astral machinery or artifacts that have been created for one reason or another, often co-created by multiple people. This stuff might be forgotten or broken or overgrown with barnacles, and it might or might not be useful any longer.

If it is something you run into it is most likely because you have a finger in the pie. It is probably something you created together with some other beings at some point for some purpose.

Creations are usually made to make something happen. They have a purpose, they serve a function. If that is still meaningful is a different matter, but they were at least at one point created to do something.

Maybe a group of people created a system of staying in touch with each other. Maybe two people create something to scare each other with. Or they create something that will make them fall in love forever. Maybe one person creates a mechanism for remembering things, or for generating motivation.

All kinds of things are possible. And in all kinds of ways. Our task is basically to find out what it is and how it is made and by whom. That will allow us to get into rapport with the creation and then possibly transform it or clean it up or something.

You wouldn't start thinking of doing something like this unless something is non-optimum. So, don't go and take things apart that already work great. This is more if you run into some kind of construct that doesn't work, or doesn't seem to be doing anything useful, or that is in the way, or something.

First step is to roughly locate the creation in space-time. Is it in present time, past or future? What kind of space is it in, an alternate dimension, a shared space, your personal space? What distance?

Find out how wide an authorship there is to the creation. Is it made by just you, by somebody else, between two people, by several people, by many people, by masses of people?

Then get some kind of perception of the creation. Get what it looks like, feels like, sounds like. In as much detail as is available.

Get the person's thoughts about and responses to it. Is there any meaning attached to it, any importance that she is aware of, anything to watch out for? What is her emotional response to it, fear, excitement? What effect does it seem to have on her?

Roughly get its function categorized. Is it for an aesthetic purpose, for a game, for a conflict, for communication, control, protection, exploration, to produce something, to monitor something, to influence, to motivate, to punish, for knowledge, for forgetting, to start things, to stop things, to administrate, to govern, to occupy, as a mystery, as a present, to create, to destroy, to preserve.

Now we need to find out more about the structure of it, what is it made of and how.

Is it attached to your space, to another person's space, or does it exist independently?

Is it solid or is it energy?

If it is solid, is its condition whole or fragmented, is it active or passive, is it complete or broken?

If it is energy, then what kind of energy phenomenon? A flow, an accumulation, an explosion, implosion?

What is it made of?

Matter, energy, space, time, anti-matter, gases, liquids, solids, plasma, particles, waves, atoms, molecules, gravity, magnetism, electricity, heat, cold, motion, no-motion, force fields, radiation, frequencies, light, sound, colors, intelligence, perceptions, intentions, instincts, awareness, emotions, cells, organs, nerves, hormones, glands, fibers, chromosomes, genes, DNA, thought forms, memories, dreams, hopes, love, hate, fear, connections, procedures, programs, algorithms, formulas, numbers, chaos, beauty, ugliness,

Is it:

soft, hard, smooth, rough, heavy, light, bright, colored, 2-, 3-, 4-dimensional, moving, standing still, sharp, fuzzy, are there sounds, any rhythm, pitch, tempo, does it have smell, taste, etc.

Get any perceptual distinctions at all.

Put together a complete statement of what we have found it to be so far. Feed it back to the person and see if she agrees with it. If it doesn't quite fit, find out what is missing, or what should be different.

Now get some history for the thing. Is it very old, or recently made, has it not been used for a while, was it taken along, was it dumped, was it tricked onto somebody, was it secretly made, was it kept as a token, was it given as a punishment, is it a religious thing, kept for beauty, entertainment, protection?

Now get the person to encompass all of time and space and get hold of all the creators and other beings or viewpoints involved in this creation.

Get the attention of all the participants. Like, say "Hello"

Go through a Game Crowd kind of interaction to get all the creators and other participants together to put their attention on the creation and together work out what to do with it.

If all the pieces are together at the same time you should be able to get the full scope of what the creation is about, how it works, and so forth. And you should be able to either get it corrected, or dismantled, activated, deactivated, disintegrated, whatever is appropriate after conferring with all the participants. Do whatever best serves the overall integrity.

Finally, be sure to get the learning that was available. Why was the creation made in the first place, what purpose has it served, what has the participants gotten out of having it there, how did it serve them. Get a full completion on it.


- Practice working with creations

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