Knowing the right Question

Finding the answers people want is very possible with the principles we possess. The problem might easily become knowing what questions to ask.

This applies to both the facilitator and the client. And to anybody anywhere who is following any kind of a path.

You have to have the right question to get the right answer.

Simply being in the pursuit of "answers" might not be very productive unless one has clear questions in mind. One will get "answers" alright, but one won't know what the questions were, so they aren't very useful. Then one goes off seeking the questions that match the answers one found. Really it is more practical the other way around. Have clear questions in mind

The universe is at your service. If you are clear on what you want, you are likely to get it. You can not very well predict HOW the answer will come, and you shouldn't. But if you are focused on a certain unanswered question and you are open to receiving an answer through any possible channel, it will come.

So, sometimes the best you can do to help somebody is to help them becoming clear on what it is they want. It is rarely a scarcity of answers that is wrong with anybody. It is either a lack of a clear question or it is an unwillingness to accept the answers that are offered.

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