Objects of Worship

Avoid at all costs that your clients start worshipping the subject of processing. It doesn't matter if is called Transformational Processing, Clearing, or whatever you call it. Don't let people see it as a THING that will somehow save them.

The subject itself is very dumb. It doesn't do anything. It sure isn't going to save anybody from anything. There is no benefit derived from believing in the subject itself. The results come from what we do. If people think it is a good and useful subject, that is great, because it is, but don't let them believe that it does something by itself.

Our subject is just a loose collection of tools and principles. It is not even one thing, and it is nothing before it gets used. It doesn't get results. People who use some of the tools are likely to get results. But only because of what they do, not because the subject is automatically getting results. It doesn't.

It is the client herself who is producing all results. We won't keep that a secret. On the other hand, we won't stuff it down her throat either. She might not be ready to face that fact yet.

It is quite conducive to results that the client believes in the facilitator's ability to help her. And within reason it is quite fine if the client believes that the facilitator has mysterious inside knowledge that makes her particularly skilled. As long as the client doesn't fall into being effect and waiting around for the facilitator to do the work.

A session is a balance between cause and effect. We are tricking the client into being cause. Therefore she needs to be enough effect of the facilitator and enough in mystery about what she does in order to allow herself to be tricked. But the actual change only happens by her being at a point of cause. And she needs to be cause enough so that she takes responsibility for her new state, keeps generating it, and operates from cause from then on.

The facilitator is also operating from cause, so it is quite alright if the client respects and admires that. The subject is not at cause so it doesn't do anybody any good to pretend that it is. If the client has a great need for showing reverence to something, it is always better if that is the facilitator than if it is the subject.

But really it is the client herself that needs to be empowered. Ultimately she needs to worship herself as the full cause of the reality she wants.

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