Personal Rights

Any person has these inherent and inalienable personal rights:

The right to live - You have the right to be here by the mere fact that you are here. Nobody has any license to suppress you, kill you, or hurt you. You have the right to exist as what you are. You have no right to deliberately suppress anybody else's ability to live.

The right to be free - You have the right not to be controlled or constrained against your will. If you find yourself being controlled or constrained, you are free to leave that game. You are of course also free to submit to external control or constraints when you prefer it. You have no right to deliberately hide from others the fact that they are free.

The right to choose - You have the right to follow the paths you wish to follow in the pursuit of happiness. You can choose what is right or wrong for you, you can choose your own preferences without having to submit to any external judgment. You do not have a right to deliberately limit other people's ability to choose.

It is wise not only to take these rights for yourself, but also to grant them freely to others. If for no other reason, because you can only be truly free if you are able to allow others to be truly free.

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