Sovereignty, for our purposes, is the state of being independently in charge of your own life. You are the supreme authority on what you think, feel, and do. It is the state of mind of not giving away any of one's power, but taking full responsibility for your own destiny.

This is one way of stating what we are working towards. Sovereignty is a way of saying that you are taking responsibility for creating your own reality.

What we are aiming for is in no way a polarized state. Strengthening oneself at the expense of others is not what it is about. Making yourself appear better by putting others down is in itself a very low state and can only appear high by comparison with the people one is putting down. No, what we are after is free people. And on the path to freedom you will realize that you can only truly be free to the degree that you allow others to be free.

A truly Sovereign individual will recognize others as Sovereign as well. You can only be fully cause if you allow others to be fully cause over their lives.

Sovereign individuals are free to carry out their Will. But that is not your will as opposed to other's will. What we are talking about is your inherent, Divine Will. You are free to do whatever you inherently need to do to pursue your happiness. You are not free to specifically hinder others in doing what they need to do.

A Sovereign recognizes the Whole, taking responsibility for the whole rather than taking a fragmented look.

A Sovereign can afford to be loving, cooperative and constructive. If you haven't given away your own power and control, you are free to share it with others. If you have given it away, you have nothing to share.

Take back your power, operate as a whole being, doing what you want. Refuse to be arbitrarily constrained, and you are Sovereign.

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