Processing is done to bring an individual into a more positive state. That is however a rather vague statement. What is more "positive" than anything else?

One thing we are doing is that we ask people what they want to handle or what they want to improve and then we help them with that. We regard it as positive help to assist people in getting what they want.

But most people will exhaust their wish list after a while. You've helped them do better and now they feel good about themselves. Then what? There is still a lot more we can do for them with processing. But now we will have to give the client hints on what is possible, rather than just wait for her to think of something.

For the facilitator to know what to hint at, it is useful for her to have some systematic representations of where it would be desirable to go. For one thing she should have a collection of useful philosophical principles ready. "What you resist you become", "Like attracts like", "Life is a game", and that kind of stuff. But she should also be fluent in various kinds of gradual scales.

A scale is an graduated sequence of degrees measuring some kind of quality or quantity. For our purposes we would mostly be interested in ascending scales indicating personal sanity, well-being or vitality. If we can lay out certain desirable qualities on scales, that gives us something to steer by. We would know if we are going in the right direction.

Before we get too far into that, let me warn you that life isn't really linear. Life is lived in many more dimensions than one. So, any linear scale is at best a crude approximation with only limited applicability. Don't make the mistake of believing that a person really IS somewhere on a linear scale. Any person is a complex, dynamic, multi-dimensional event. Sometimes it is practical to plot a person on a scale within a limited context, with the purpose of improving her state. But that is all it is done for. The purpose is not to judge people as better or worse than other people.

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