Three Bands of Development

For the sake of good order we can view the progress in processing as happening within three distinct bands. Each band has a distinctly different objective and calls for different types of processing. There is a certain logical sequence to the three bands, but they can also just as well be regarded as separate, parallel tracks of development.

What will usually be addressed first is the Semantic Processing band. Here we are dealing with the person's model of the world and her responses to what is in it. We are working with her mind. Our main tools center around the improvement or adjustment of perceptions. We change things by changing how the person perceives them, and how she feels and thinks about them. We clear responses that aren't working. The target is to put the person in charge of her own mind and to help her optimize her subjective experience. We do this mostly through a dialogue between a client and a facilitator.

When the person gets to be in fairly good shape and has few worries, she will get more interested in expressing herself and doing things. That is the Creativity Processing band. Here we are no longer working with the mind, we are working on getting it out of the way. We are working on removing the barriers to intuition and to taking action. We increase the person's receptivity to the flows of the universe, and we enhance her ability to express herself freely in any manner that is called for. The main tools here are practical exercises. The processing takes place by doing, not by talking about things.

The third band we can call the Manifestation Processing band. That deals with how to actually get what one wants in the outside world. Here the issue is not so much what limiting responses or inhibitions that one has, but more what exactly is necessary to get a certain exact result. How one gets one's will translated into changes in the external reality. The main tools here are actions one does. It is the external universe that is being processed.

We can put these three bands in sequence after each other with some justification. Creative expression would tend to be hindered if one has many aberrated reactions, so therefore we handle those first. One is not likely to be able to manifest things well unless one first learns to let creativity flow. Clearing, Creativity Exercises, Manifestation is the most logical order.

However, it is not likely or even desirable that they appear strictly one after another. They will necessarily get to overlap, and that is fine. When a person gets involved with unleashing her creativity and learning to take action she will most likely bring up some semantic responses that had been overlooked and they can then be cleared. When a person works on manifesting something she wants, she will most likely run into things she can't quite imagine, and exercising some creativity in that area will then make a difference.

If one omits this order one will probably run into some trouble. You will notice this with people who work directly on being creative or directly on manifesting wondrous things into the world. If they haven't cleared their semantic responses they might very well have a hard time. The semantic processing lays a foundation for doing those other things.

Each band could be said to constitute the elements that will trip up the next band. Free expression gets tripped up by semantic responses. Manifestation gets tripped up by lack of creative expression.

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