There are distinctly different approaches to how one materializes something to happen in the different densities. Specifically there are more intermediary steps needed the lower the density is.

In simplicity, this is how it works in the densities most pertinent for our purposes:

3D: Spirit -> Thought -> Emotion -> Effort -> Materialization

4D: Spirit -> Thought -> Emotion -> Materialization

5D: Spirit -> Thought -> Materialization

6D: Spirit -> Materialization

In the third density, if something needs to be done, then one first spiritually needs to have the desire or intention to do it. Then one needs to formulate the thought of what it is and how that might happen. Then one needs to feel the urge to get it, and once one has gotten in the mood one needs to expend a lot of effort as one works towards one's goal. And then eventually one will have the manifestation in the physical universe of that which one wants. Most notably that takes time and effort.

In the fourth density it doesn't particularly take time and effort. There again one needs to intend it spiritually. One needs to formulate the thought. And then one needs to feel and expect it. The funny thing is then that as soon as one does that, the manifestation will come. One's external reality will be a reflection of what one really feels and expects. What one feels as reality will be reality. One doesn't need to work on it, what one works on matters much less than what one feels.

In the fifth density the path will be even shorter. You intend it spiritually, you formulate the thought, and BING it is there. The external reality will present a reflection of what you focus on in your mind. Which doesn't require any work or any feeling, those are just variations of what one might focus on with one's mind.

In the 6th density it is not even necessary to formulate the precise thought of what one wants. Mind is no longer necessary. The mere intention is enough for the manifestation to be there.

In the 7th density there wouldn't even be any separation. You ARE whatever is there. Cause and effect is happening at the same time and you are encompassing all of it with your beingness.

The lower densities, 2nd and 1st would include more steps than the third. Like, the 2nd density would use effort in order to procreate and produce a next generation which will then again produce the desired manifestation.

This all gives us a good idea of what kind of issues will appear at different density levels. Moving into the 4th density it becomes important to clarify one's feelings, because one will get whatever one feels. So, the necessary processing is about getting to feel what one really wants to feel. Moving into the 5th density, the issue would be to think what one really intends.

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