Density Transitions

People will experience different types of issues depending on what density of reality they are living in. And that is changing fairly rapidly on a global scale. There will be certain themes going through society as waves and people can be expected to come in with certain kinds of requests or problems.

At the time of this writing Planet Earth is moving from 3rd Density consciousness into 4th Density consciousness. That means that physical effort, duration of time and linear planning will be less important. What one feels and expects becomes more important, and things can change very rapidly.

Our task at this time is therefore to best support this move into 4th density; to make it as swift and enjoyable as possible.

What is happening is that people's emotions and expectations suddenly influence their surroundings much more. To put it more directly, a person's world is created from their inner state. You will get exactly what you as a whole person feel.

In the 3rd density there was much more of a buffer there. To make anything happen required time and effort, and whatever one felt about it didn't seem to have a lot of bearing on it. Now it does.

People's hidden issues come up left, right and center. It becomes increasingly difficult to hide things. All that one has swept under the rug and stuffed into the closet will come tumbling down.

These things will be processed in life, out of necessity. What we can do with TP is that we can help with that. We can process stuff thoroughly and effectively in session and essentially put the person ahead of the game.

Our job is not to eradicate the stuff the person should rather be working on in life. It is to resolve the stuff that stops the person from effectively living and developing and enjoying the process of life.

Repressed emotions will come up. All the stuff people have fear of. Suddenly they will be presented with the stuff they are afraid of but never confronted.

The world is becoming more dynamic and multi-dimensional day by day. The frequency is increasing, everything is happening faster and faster.

Anything that is fixed will become much more of a problem. A hidden fixed idea or stuck emotion that might only be a minor issue when things are calm, will suddenly become a major hazard when things are moving fast.

Life will activate people's issues. There is less need for us being inventive bringing them out. But we need to be very flexible in dealing with whatever comes up.

It becomes increasingly important that you get a whole, complete result. Most particularly, the client must FEEL the result and it must be an aligned, integrated result. Fancy realizations that aren't connected with anything, or lots of hard work that doesn't result in a more positive direction -- none of that will work.

Fixed explanations, the one "true" story, the "right" way of being -- all of that is on the way out as 3D stuff. 4D is about being dynamic and flexible, realizing that there are many ways of being, many stories, many realities, and it is no longer a matter of either/or. Any reality or viewpoint is valid, it is all a matter of what one wants to be associated with.

The transition from 4D to 5D will probably be even more dramatic, but it is still some ways off. What will come up there is basically that anything one thinks becomes a reality, with very little buffering to stop it. So, if one is thinking something different than one wants, it very quickly becomes a problem, because one will get it. So that will be the stuff to process there. It becomes essential to be aligned with oneself. One can not survive as a fragmented being that isn't aware of the other pieces of itself.

Transformational Processing is a dynamic idea that is meant to adjust to whatever you need it for. The focus of application must develop as the mass consciousness is progressing. Certain principles are eternal, but their manifestation will go through changes.

If Transformational Processing is necessary in a 5th Density reality, I don't know. I assume it is, but it will appear drastically different. For one thing, it will no longer mainly be something you sit and talk about. It will be a direct interaction with realities.

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