The Value of a Facilitator

It is not the techniques you are using, and it is not the subject of Transformational Processing that produces results.

Techniques aren't alive. They are dumb collections of ideas, steps, words, and so forth. They do nothing in themselves. They are inherently just stuff written down on paper.

What gets results is what YOU as a facilitator DO.

How good results you get depends on how well you get results.

If you have some good techniques in your bag and you have studied well and done many exercises, then probably you have a better opportunity for doing something that works. Your potential for good results is probably higher.

But, it is still up to you how you use your tools. And more importantly, it is up to you how you use your inherent qualities of communication, imagination, intention, perception, acceptance, and intuition.

You already have all the qualities you need. Training manuals and exercises only serve the purpose of tricking you into better using the qualities you have.

You might get a pretty certificate for having completed a training course. However, your certificate isn't going to help people live better lives. You are.

It is never a valid excuse that you "did what you were told" and "it didn't work".

There is no "it" that is going to work in the absence of your creative energy.

Transformational Processing is not a rote system. It is a framework intended to inspire you to perform creative acts that will again inspire your clients to change.

What matters is the positive results that take place. That is where your energy as a facilitator is best spent: on the actual results.

The best of intentions, the greatest amount of energy spent on trying, the best possible explanations for why it didn't work - none of that will help anybody unless you actually help somebody. What helps somebody is that they are being helped.

Different people get widely different results with the same techniques. That is not puzzling, it just shows that it isn't the techniques themselves getting the results. The variable is the person using the technique.

TPS training is intended to put a great many tools in your hand, point you in the right direction, and inspire you to go get great results. And you WILL, once you add to this your own inspired energy and your own intentions.

What gets results is what YOU as a facilitator DO.

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