Generic Expansion Module

There are certain general components we can use to make up a module. You can use them to design a module for a subject that isn't covered in the general modules included with this manual.

These are some of the elements that would fit into an expansion module, i.e. one strengthening positive abilities. In part these are ways of sub-dividing any subject into sub-subjects. In part they are different universal techniques. In case of the sub-subjects, they can form the basis of a dialogue, the client can give examples of them, we see what kind of limitations pop up and we deal with them

- Ways of doing the activity/ability in question. "How could one ___?"

- Places one can do ___. "Where would you ___?", "Where would you rather not ___?"

- People one could do it with. "Who would like to ___ with?", "Who would you rather not?"

- Reactions to the subject. Unwanted semantic or physical reactions. Clear them.

- Fixed ideas about the subject. "What rules do you live by in ___?" Unfix them.

- Unblocking keys.

- Locate any splits about it, any on/off behavior. Use polarity integration.

- Is she missing some resource, quality, ability to do it? Use soul retrieval to get them back.

- What does she need in order to do it? Modeling, perceptual processing, visualization.

- What does the subject accomplish, what is the outcome? Clarify it, strengthen it.

- What would happen if one did __? If one didn't? Not happen if one did? If one didn't?

- Any unwanted future effects of doing it. Future incident clearing.

- Why would one want to __? Why would one not want to __?

- Model people who do it well. Perceptual processing.

- Talk about the subject.

- Visualize it.

- Get perceptual distinctions of doing it well, or of blocks to doing it.

- Interact with the area and tools of doing it.

- Go through the required actions for doing what person wants to do. Drill them, exercise them, dramatize them. Find out if they are going to work, or if more resources are needed. Get used to them.

- Actually go and do it.

Depending on the subject matter, different angles would make more or less sense, of course.

No matter what the subject is, you can always break it down into smaller pieces. Those smaller pieces can always be talked about, you can find out if the person has any trouble with them, blocks about them, etc. You can exercise abilities in the area. You can find fixed ideas, limiting beliefs, etc.


- Write up a module. You can use subjects like "Learning", "Education", "Sports", or you can think of something yourself.

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