Generic Clearing Module

We can make a general module for clearing a certain, more negatively oriented subject. That works about the same way as any other module, except for that we concentrate on what is wrong with it, treating it as some kind of a problem. These are some of the elements we might use:

- Reframing it into something positive.

- Dissociating from it, seeing it from a distance.

- Talking about it.

- Finding something one can be cause over in it.

- Thinking of something that is a bigger problem, or a smaller problem, or the same size.

- Using unburdening keys.

- Solutions one has had to it.

- Unwanted feelings and reactions. Clear them.

- Fixed ideas. Unfix them.

- Splits about it, or on/off behavior. Use polarity integration.

- Lost parts, abilities, qualities in connection with it. Soul retrieval.

- Limiting ideas or beliefs. Use perceptual processing or unfixing.

- Fears about what might happen: future incident clearing.

- No direction: visualize a positive direction.

- What can one learn from it, what positive function does it serve in one's life.

- Drill any skills necessary to master it.

And as in any module, you can break the specific subject into smaller pieces and go over each one separately.

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