Lost Power

There are various ways one might have given up or lost one's power. This module addresses a few different ways. The idea is to regain the power one has given away.

1. Life Transitions -

To look for power that the person has given away, start by concentrating on obvious transitions in her life where she entered into relationships with other people or took on new responsibilities. For example:

- when she was born
- when she started in school
- when she got a close friend
- when she joined a sports team
- when she got a boyfriend/girlfriend
- when she became employed
- when she got promoted
- when she got married
- when she had children
- when she was given a gift
- when she received an inheritance

Have the client look at each instance like that and determine what power, freedom, or ability that she has given up. Treat it as a part of the person. Use Soul Retrieval to get it back.

Pay particular attention to situations where the power is given to the other person one has a relationship with. The client would need to persuade the part to come back and probably persuade the other person to give it up. It might be a well-anchored situation or a major life issue and it might well take some work to loosen it up. But, it is likely to have a profound influence on their relationship when the part is returned and our client again becomes complete.

Fixed ideas are likely to come up in that context. There is likely to be the idea that one HAS to do it, one can't possibly get everything one wants.

There is also likely to be traumatic consequences one would expect if one didn't give up one's power. One wouldn't be loved, somebody would die horribly, and so forth. That would be a job for re-experiencing.

It could also well be addressed as polarities. Often, for example a couple will have opposite polarities in some key areas. One person will take care of things that the other person is ignoring and vice-versa. None of them are complete in themselves, but are counting on the other person to do the stuff they can't do. But really they can both do everything. They might just have partitioned off their abilities into different segments applicable to different contexts.

Another way of giving up power is to let it go with someone of something that is going away. A part of one disappears with whatever it is one is losing. Actually one wouldn't lose anything unless one had given it away to that person or thing earlier. However, often one doesn't notice before one is losing it. One had given away parts of one's power to one's husband when one got married, but one doesn't notice it before one feels the pain of him dying 40 years later. Really, another person going away can only be a loss of oneself. Other people aren't lost.

Let the client find moments of loss in her life, and examine which parts of herself she lost. That might manifest as a feeling, ability, or other resource she had within herself that she didn't have after the loss. Some possible situations might be:

- leaving the womb
- end of nursing by mother
- a favorite toy breaks
- a friend is leaving
- coming home from vacation
- leaving school
- leaving home
- breaking up
- being fired
- somebody dies
- divorce
- having to move
- burglaries

For each area that is active, find out what part of the client it was that left. Use Soul Retrieval to find it and bring it back.

It might very well be necessary to use re-experiencing to clear up traumatic incidents before it becomes possible to deal with what parts left.

3. Potential Losses -

One way of finding out where the person has given away power is by looking at what she would have a problem about losing. If the thought of losing someone or something brings out strong emotions then it is apparent that the individual has given away power parts to that other person or thing.

Go through all the people and possessions where the client gets an emotional reaction on the thought of losing them. Not just that she would rather not lose them. We are after the instances where the person doesn't even want to look at it. "My God, I couldn't handle that". Those are the ones we will process.

Re-experiencing of future incidents is probably the best place to start with this. Have the client experience the incidents of loss. That in itself might resolve the matter.

If the fear of loss doesn't easily get resolved as a future incident, then we probably need to deal with it as a part that has been given away to the person or thing. We can contact the point in the past when the part was given. And at any rate, the individual needs to get it back. Soul Retrieval technique would be used for that.

The potential loss of a person likely would be a complex of various types of phenomena, and might take some work to get through. Unfixing can come in handy, as can many other techniques. Working with the potential loss is likely to bring up an assortment of different issues that are attached to it.

4. Invalidations -

Go through various ways one might have been put down by others and therefore agreed to have less power. Well, really nobody can destroy anybody else's power. However, it might well appear to the person that her power has been taken by another. We will go along with that view to the degree that it is necessary to get a handle on it. But then we would want to have the person regain her power and realize that it is always in her own hands. Nobody can really take it away.

Did anybody tell you you didn't have a right to live?
Did anybody harm you?
Did anybody suppress you?
Did anybody take away your life?
Did anybody make you not exist?
Did anybody make you smaller?
Did anybody tell you you shouldn't be there?
Did anybody tell you you didn't belong?

Did anybody tell you you couldn't leave?
Did anybody control you?
Did anybody trap you?
Did anybody constrain your ability to move?
Did anybody force you to play a game?
Did anybody force you to follow the rules?
Did anybody trick you into an agreement?
Did anybody impose arbitrary limitations on you?

Did anybody judge you?
Did anybody make you do something you didn't like?
Did anybody decide things for you?
Did anybody take away your ability to choose?
Did anybody stop you from doing what you wanted?
Did anybody take away your pleasures?
Did any group condemn you?
Did anybody else set the norms?

Have you given away your space?
Have you given away your time?
Have you given away your life?
Have you given away your energy?
Have you given up your boundaries?
Have you given up your protection?
Have you given up your escape?
Have you given up your past?
Have you given up your future?
Have you given up your present?
Have you given up your free will?
Have you given up your pleasures?

Have you accepted false conclusions?
Have you let other people decide for you?
Have you allowed your efforts to be blocked?
Have you allowed your connections to be cut?
Have you allowed your communication to be blunted?
Have you allowed your choices to be changed?
Have you accepted superior authorities?
Have you accepted rules you didn't want?
Have you accepted defeat?

(given away is more causative than allowed, more than given up, more than accepted)

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