Connection Clearing

This module is for cleaning up the psychic energy connections one has to others, particularly with groups, from having interacted with them in one way or another. There might be many other aspects to that but here we are concentrating on the connections. The idea is to move towards open, harmonious lines with groups one has something in common with, and who are in one's psychic space. Or a clean break, if that is what is desired.

There are three major phases to connection clearing:

1. Find some connections
2. Get in contact with them
3. Clear up any barriers, cuts, or upsets

Phase One: Finding Connections

What we are looking for are groups that the person either currently is connected with, has been connected with, or would like to be connected with. It starts with some kind of awareness that there is "somebody" out there. We can use various avenues to invite that awareness. There is no rote way of doing it. The person need to become aware of the area and put out her feelers. If might aid the process if she broadcasts questions asking for certain types of entities.

A. Attention

We will generally start with somebody the person has attention in. That is, some subject or activity that she finds herself focusing on. That might be because she likes it, because she objects to it, because she enjoys it, because it is mysterious, or whatever. We are not after casual thoughts, but rather stuff that is often or continuously something she concerns herself with. And then again, we are not talking about obsessions or mental machinery. It is the interest and attention towards a certain game or subject or group that is important here.

"What do you often have attention on?"
"What groups are you interested in?"
"What subjects hold your attention?"
"What do you intend to happen?"

B. Current Connections

Any group of people or being or viewpoints that the person is aware of being connected with in one way or another should be a fruitful target. We are not talking so much a specific physical organization as we are talking about the more general participants in a certain game or subject or area. If it was "Glenville Bridge Club" then she would probably be better off going down to the club house and talking with them. Unless of course that wasn't possible, if maybe there was a big scene and the club is disbanding or something. Or it was in a different physical location, or a different time. But a more likely target would be maybe "all car drivers", "the people who live in Glenville", "expectant mothers", etc. A group the person is part of, but whose members aren't very exactly known on a physical level. That doesn't mean they will remain generalities. In the next steps we will contact them psychically and make them much more specific.

"Who is connected with ___?"

C. Broken Connections

There might be groups of people or beings or viewpoints that the person has been connected with before, but aren't any longer. But there might be a residual attention on it. Maybe there wasn't a clean break. Maybe the members just forgot about each other, maybe they got upset at each other, maybe there was a big breakdown of the group, maybe somebody was thrown out. The person might wish to bring the group together again, in a psychic space, in order to clear things up and resolve any incomplete matters more harmoniously.

"Who is disconnected from ___?"

D. Desired Connections

The person might want to get in touch with certain groups of people. Or she might want to get into certain subjects or areas or games and it might be advantageous to contact the current or available participants. For example, if you would like to write a book it would be a good idea to connect with the prospective readers of the book, to find out what they want and to establish a good connection. Or, there might be groups one would like to connect with to rectify matters one objects to. Like, one could connect with entities that are in charge of the weather, or groups of people who are governing the planet, or whatever.

"Who would you like to be connected with?"

E. Consumed Food

When one eats food, particularly meat, one is likely to get some kind of connections with the animals that had to die to supply the food. That might very well be something that it would be advantageous to clear up. For one reason, the thoughts and feelings of the animals might linger around. Also the food will be less healthy for the body if it has unresolved issues. One can connect with the animals, get in communication with them, find out what they've been through, thank them for supplying food or whatever. Generally speaking it might be a good idea to send some appreciation back to any animals whose meat one would eat. But the same can be done with any source of food. Plants have spirits too and would like to be appreciated.

F. Food Intentions

Different types of food might have different intentions or agendas. For example, one could connect up with the "spirit of carrots" and find out what carrots are about. Being in tune with this might much better bring one into harmony with what one eats. The same principle can apply to anything, of course. One can develop good relations with one's house plants, or with one's lawn, or with the flies buzzing through the air.

G. Sex

People one had sex with, and the people they had sex with before, etc., all of that will add up to connections, broken connections and desired connections. That can some times be strong energy and it would be worthwhile to sort out.

H. Events

People one has shared major events with. Concentrate on the current connection, more than on the incidents. It could be for example, "people who went through the 60s", "war veterans", etc.

I. Genetic line

One is likely to have some kind of connection to one's ancestors, through genetics. It might be an idea to get them together and resolve unresolved stuff

J. Spirit Agents

The person might have created various kinds of sub-divisions of herself that she has send out in the world to do things for her. They might be considered clones of herself, or agents. They might be equipped with diverse amounts of consciousness, but generally they would be autonomous to a high degree.

K. Multi-dimensional Selves

People don't just exist in one dimension at a time. There will be versions of our client existing in many different alternate realities. She might be up to opening up some more conscious connections with some of them.

Phase Two: Contact the Parties

Once you have an idea what kind of group we are dealing with, the next step is to get into contact with it. That is not an abstract mental thing and not a visualization. What we are looking for is an actual connection. At least we want a much more tangible, feeling-oriented link with the entities in question. It is not enough to be able to slap a label on them or say something about them. The important thing is to link up with them energy-wise.

I. Encompass the Space

To be able to contact anybody at all one needs to expand one's space to encompass them. You actually need to extend into areas beyond the individual mind. That is not a very complicated thing. One might simply pretend to do so and that would do it. But it is more than a visualization. It is not that one imagines the idea of doing so, but it is that one creates the reality of it right now. The feeling component is important in doing that. One needs to encompass a space and sense what is going on in it.

II. Get their attention

Get the attention of the other parties. Say "Hello". Wait for and notice the feedback. If there are many it might take a while to get all of them to say hello and pay attention. The idea is to broadcast out the intention to establish communication on the given subject. And then to receive whatever answers appear. That might just appear as a lot of noise. The main thing is to get the sense that one is receiving feedback. You are not putting somebody there to talk with, you are broadcasting the intention and you notice what comes back.

"Who is connected with ___?"
"Can I have your attention, please!"

III. Reasons for not communicating

Inquire on whether there are any reasons for not being willing to participate in this communicating or not being willing to participate in some processing. The idea is not to get into a lot of detail, but simply to receive whatever anybody would want to say about it as long as they have something to say. We haven't gotten to talking about the actual subject yet, this is only about the willingness to have a communication line there.

"Any reasons for not communicating?"

IV. Who be

The entities might only be willing to communicate with certain people or certain functions. Asking about it will tend to free up any fixedness on that. So, if necessary, check if you would have to be anybody in particular to be allowed to communicate. Just listen to anything that comes back. Or feel it, or sense that it is happening. Feedback on any of these questions isn't necessarily verbal.

"Who would I have to be to talk with you?"

V. Matching

Depending on whatever one runs into one might have to change one's approach to match the other parties in order to get into rapport. That is, one has to approximate the behavior and communication method of the other entities to some extent. If they communicate with music, or with symbols, or with smells, you better find a way of doing something like that.

Phase Three: Connection Clearance

Once we are in some kind of rapport we need to process the issues of the group. Since we might be dealing with many viewpoints or entities we can't be as orderly and meticulous as if we were dealing with just one person. The idea is to address the whole group at the same time, ask for specific classes issues that might be the matter, and we will allow them to send back their answers. The idea is not to resolve their personal issues, but only the stuff that relates to the coherence and functioning of the group and subject.

1. Connection Cuts -

A primary thing to look for is any phenomenon of cut connections. That is, something that was together got split apart somehow. Or, something that was expected to be one way was found to be another. Something that was flowing, or that was desired to flow, stopped flowing or was stopped. Just accept any answers. Keep the underlying intention that more integration will take place.

- Any connection-cuts in ..
- love
- feeling
- fun
- learning
- perception
- awareness
- understanding
- emotion
- co-motion
- or any other way of connection or interacting.

2. Blocked Keys -

Ask about various keys that might hit on ways that things might be blocked. Allow all answers to be given. If there are opportunities to do more specific handlings, do them. Each item should be resolving fairly quickly, though.

- Anything that has been ..
- enforced
- hidden
- changed
- inhibited
- fragmented
- surprising
- misunderstood
- unresolved
- incomplete
- held back
- judged
- done
- not done

3. Resistive Entities -

There might be specific entities that appear that are more difficult and resistive than the others. In that case it might be in order to do something specific with them. Otherwise they might keep the overall group from being processed. Any entity handling technique, and any other technique for that matter, might apply. These are some questions that might get things moving:

"Where are you?"

"What are you trying to do?"

"What is your basic intention?"

"What incident are you in?"

"What is the current situation?"

"What are you trying to protect?"

"Who are you really?"

"Is anybody holding you?"

"What do you have to lose?"

4. Conferencing -

We can let all the parties involved communicate between themselves as a group, to build up affinity between them and to strengthen the common purposes. Depending on what kind of group it is and what position our client has in the group various things might take place. If she is in charge she might hand out directions and establish systems of reporting back and so forth. If she is just a regular participant she can just experience how the whole group gets more in touch with each other, getting more integrated and coordinated.

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