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I have most often made my living as a computer programmer and system administrator. Web database stuff. Ruby, PHP, MySQL, Linux. I've been working with computers in one form or another since 1975, when it was with TeleType machines and punch tape. I've been online in one way or another since 1983. I've made some fairly large software systems along the way, mostly for healthcare and insurance. Not that I find that interesting. Now I prefer to work on software for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

I'm also a counselor. Alternative therapeutic techniques, along the lines of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, gestalt, transpersonal, clearing. I had a flourishing practice for years, and wrote several books about my techniques for facilitating personal transformation. The Transformational Processing manuals are unpublished in English, but available online, and they've been translated into Russian and available in hardcover books.

I'm pursuing an assortment of interests related to how we might all share a world that is more open and free and alive than the present one. I'm inquiring into the principles needed as a basis for a more self-organizing and synergetic society. In that sense I'm a futurist and a visionary, or more modestly, I'm somebody who is looking for answers to some big questions, and who writes a lot about the search.

I am also very interested in how we create and structure and filter the reality we live in. I.e. how we trap ourselves in mental models, or how we free ourselves by patterning our thoughts and our actions in a different way. How we all walk around in a virtual reality, which we're mistaking for the real world, and most of us haven't found the controls yet.

I founded the New Civilization Network (NCN) online directory and community to try to link up people who actively are developing solutions for world problems. It is also an experiment in how to create self-organizing online community. It is at this point an aggregate of both successes and failures in that regard.

I'm interested in linking up with others who are working on software components for facilitating self-organization of people and information. Free grassroots stuff that might link together many scattered islands of information into a more fluid whole. The wiring of a global brain.

I believe that life, the universe and everything inherently is meant to be good and fun and exciting. I believe that the meaning of life is to explore and discover and to have a good time with whatever you are excited about exploring. To be present in the moment. To live fully. I believe that, but I don't always live by it. I'm frequently having a hard time because I push myself too hard towards the things I "should" do, rather than just following my own advice.

As far as my social beliefs, I think that everybody has a fundamental right to be free to choose for themselves. Any person is free to play or not play any game they choose. Anybody can pursue whatever they honestly feel is the right thing to do, as long as they don't stop others from doing the same. So, freedom is something I believe in greatly.

A lot of what I do is also about fostering community. Trying to get groups of people to work together, to be more and accomplish more than they would individually.

I'm more interested in the process of figuring things out than in trying to pretend I have the answers to very much.

I'm probably trying to do too many things at the same time, and I don't have enough hours in the day, and I don't seem to be very good at getting other people to help me. So, I'm usually kind of overworked.

When I'm not, I'm usually considered a friendly and approachable person who's open to hearing what other people are up to.

I tend to be most interested in the meta-perspectives - the big picture, the enabling principles. I will also usually insist at seeing issues from several angles at the same time. A few people find it extremely frustrating to discuss anything with me. Most people don't.

I prefer to look at how things can and will get better. Which probably makes me an optimist, but only because it happens to be much more productive than the alternatives. I'm very aware that a lot of things are not working well in the world, but I'd prefer working with people who are working on the solutions, not on solidifying the problems.

You find the New Civilization Network (NCN) at http://www.newciv.org. It is an online network and community with more than 7000 people in the directory. It is about sharing our visions for a better world and about searching for ways to cooperate in manifesting them.

World Transformation at http://www.worldtrans.org used to be my home page. It is really not very uptodate at this point. But you still find a lot of resources there that somehow add up to building a better world.

HoloWorld at http://www.holoworld.org is my own comprehensive vision of the future. It outlines a blueprint for a radically different society that would work better.

Transformational Processing at http://process.worldtrans.org is my approaches for personal counseling. It is a straightforward and effective system for transforming personal reality. You'll find my traning manuals online there, or you might make an appointment for a session.

If you didn't already come from there, the best place to stay up on what I'm into is my daily weblog, Ming the Mechanic, which is at ming.tv

I recently started another weblog, Escape Velocity, which is for exploring entrepreneurial, money-making, internet business kinds of subjects. It is at blog.metastreams.com.

These are the people I live with:

This is me and my wife Birgit and our kids Zachery and Marie-Therese and Nadia who's the latest one..

Zachery and Nadia were born in Los Angeles. The rest of us are from Copenhagen, Denmark. We lived since 1985 in Los Angeles, but moved to Toulouse, France in July 2003.

See you around!

Phone: +33-6-89540722

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